Call of Duty's Controversial 'No Russian' Level Hasn't Aged Well

The level “No Russian” has made its mark as one of the most controversial moments in gaming history, and all things considered, it hasn't aged so well.

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ShadowWolf712222d ago

Because it was so much less offensive the day it dropped, right?

WilliamSheridan222d ago

It was a controversial move back then, and honestly I loved it. It's a video game, it fit the narrative. That was a great game and I felt this level really helped drive home what the undercover player was going through.

aaronaton222d ago

Imagine the outrage if say a Russian developer... 4A Games (Ukrainian) created the same scene but in an American Airport. There would be an international condemnation. Just sayin'

Jiggy7d222d ago

Yea, the game would get banned.....most developers are smart enough not to try that kind of thing because of financial reasons.

Pro_TactX222d ago

It wouldn’t get banned. The U.S. doesn’t tend to ban games unless some part of the game is illegal, as was the case with The Guy Game.

AnubisG222d ago

Ukraine =/= Russia.

They are different people.

aaronaton219d ago

Really? Cheers for that information.
I couldn't think of a Russian developer so i went for a Ukrainian one in 4A games (metro last light)

TheOttomatic91222d ago

*facepalm* more politically correct bullsh*t

Gardenia222d ago

At least back then SJW and snowflakes weren't as present as they are now. Everybody can have their opinion now, and I blame the internet for that

AnubisG222d ago

PC and SJW culture is on it's last legs. They are grasping for straws now. They always did but they are fading away fast.

bloop222d ago

I wish that was true, but it's not. They're getting more attention now than ever, unfortunately.

G3ng4r222d ago

Nah. It's unfortunately a different and very sensitive world we live in now and you're expected to cater to everyone's feelings. The meek have inherited the earth and natural selection for the most part is finished.

FlameBaitGod221d ago

bloop its a rlly small %, they just make more noise and the media backs them up.

EazyC222d ago

One of the few FPS missions to evoke emotions (anger, disgust), but was very clever in doing so. I find the mission very impressive, even to this day.

Pro_TactX222d ago

You were angry and disgusted? I just wanted to kill more people than the AI. It’s important to take pride in one’s work.

Sunny_D222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

You’re trying too hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.