Eurogamer: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Eurogamer writes: "In hindsight, we'd go one further. The myth that EA makes the bimbo football game and Konami makes the cultured one is - to return to the note upon which we began our FIFA 09 review - thoroughly dead. But that doesn't necessarily mean the same is now true in reverse. FIFA 09 may be excellent, and the last few Pro Evolutions have gone backwards, but what of PES 2009?

At its heart, we suspect, lie many of the same lines of code that drove the success of the series on PS2 for so many seasons, because the fundamentals are unchanged: player movement is on eight directions (with in-betweens during sprints), passing is zippy, and ball movement is physically convincing, if a little heavy. The graphics reinforce the impression that PES is reliant on existing content and assets, too, because despite the usual claim that it's "undergone a stunning graphical update", movement animations are wooden and repetitive, and the players look more like they've undergone a stunning facial beating under a railway bridge."

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jromao3751d ago

Not first time this eurogamer release creative writing about some games, how much they got for it ?

mariusmal3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

wow eurogamer strikes again. first they gave saints row a 9 lol. and now this. i played pes and fifa demos. gonna stick with my old love. pro evo.
i read reviews just to get a general idea but i always choose for myself. if i went by the reviews i would have bought assassins creed and it's one of my favorite games nowadays.

btw... força sporting allez

eric1003751d ago

I mean nothing on that site makes sense

rev203751d ago

Pes is dead they need to revamp the whole thing since moving on to next gen consoles its just lost its way. Ive only ever been a pes player, but now fifa is better :(