Josef Fares Announces Development on New Game

“Today is officially the start of the next game and I'm INCREDIBLY exited!!!!!! I love making videogames and can't wait to show it!”

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lxeasy1385d ago

Wow congrats you deserve it

scoltar1385d ago

I hope he comes out good with A Way Out, because that game was awesome to play with my bro! One of the standout experiences of this gen to me, really.

Pancit_Canton1385d ago

#F*** the Oscar and Konami.

1385d ago
PhantomS421385d ago

Will it include an embarrassing and unprofessional coked out rant?

BlaqMagiq11385d ago

If it doesn't then I won't buy it ;)

PhantomS421385d ago

Hey if you want to give your money to this shady trashbag that's your prerogative. I won't give a cent to the coked-out EA slave.

BlaqMagiq11385d ago

I can tell you completely missed the joke

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