Ranking The God of War Games From Worst To Best

Leif: In just about three weeks, we will finally get our hands on the latest God of War game which takes place in the Nordic mythos. A world that will be so different from the God of War games that we were used to. Before we get to that though, let's see how the God of War games stack up as we rank them from the worst one to the best there is. This list will include all of the God of War games that have been released so far including the ones that came out for the PSP. Let's get to it.

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roadkillers965d ago

I do as well. My ranking goes in order the games came out (excluding the psp ones). The original idea is always the best because it is fresh to the player. Do you share that sentiment?

darthv72965d ago

GoW 2 is my favorite as well. The steeds of time segment is just awesome in scale.

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mikeslemonade964d ago

It’s gonna be:

2, 4, 1, 3, Acension, Chain of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta.

LgbtWarrior965d ago

Exactly. 3 was repetitive and a chore to play after awhile.

gangsta_red965d ago

By the time 3 rolled around the formula had gone stale and I agree it became repetitive. The weapons weren't as good or creative as the first two also. Throw in the anti-climatic ending that was bogged down with QTE's and the game was just not the masterpiece that the first two were.

Harkins1721964d ago

Disagree. 3 was fun as hell

darren_poolies964d ago

2 is the only one I've never played all the way through. I attempted it four times but lost my save at the exact same point every single time for various reasons. I don't have the energy to attempt it again.

Mr Marvel964d ago

GoW2 is definitely my favourite God of War game.

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latinillusion81965d ago

God of war 2 should be in first place. Everything about it was perfect. The Griffin fight scene, the ability to use 3 weapons, fighting the ogres and pulling out their eye or gutting them. Now I'm in the mood to play it again

affrogamer965d ago

for me is 3 > Ghost of Sparta > 1 > 2 > Chain of Olympus > Ascension

deafdani964d ago

Hey, your list is almost identical to mine, except I liked 2 more than the first.

Dlaw76965d ago

As long as Ascension is the worst I don't care what order the others land

LgbtWarrior965d ago

Oh come on. 2 was the best in the series.

Sciurus_vulgaris965d ago

Best to least favourite in my opinion

1. God of War 2
2. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
3. God of War 3
4. God of War: Chains of Olympus
5. God of War
6. God of War: Ascension

SamPao965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

I like your list. Ghost of sparta definately deserves to be second!

However I enjoyed Ascension more than chains and the original GOW. especially the Multiplayer, actually just because of the MP. So just minor differences^^

Sciurus_vulgaris965d ago

I never touched the MP of Ascension, I got the game a year after it released. My opinion of the GoW series is based solely on single player experiences.

PyroPotatoe965d ago

Ghost of sparta added depth to his character and being able to use the spartan weaponry was great

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The story is too old to be commented.