EndWar demo appears on Xbox Live

CVG: " A demo of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy RTS has just appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace.

It's 1.6GB and definitely one of the more interesting trails up there, as it lets you to play out the strategy stuff using entirely an Xbox Live headset and your voice."

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RebornSpy3749d ago

I can't access my 360 now, so can someone try it out and give your impressions. It sounds cool, but I'm still not sure if it will be as great as I hope it will be. I can't wait to try it out for myself! If only my mic wasn't broken. This calls for some heavy duty duct tape.

Crazywhitie3749d ago

This game is pretty Cool.. I was int he Beta,, It take afew game to get used to it but once you got it It's Fast Pace

Halo3Mgs43749d ago

#@$% what a great time for my gold account to run out-_-
i wanted to play this manggggggggggggggg

lowcarb3749d ago

Yeah MS needs to quit alienating it's faithful on demo's once there membership expires. Demo's should be free and this is a shame they expect for you to pay for them.

lowcarb3749d ago

So I guess who ever disagreed feel as if it's right to pay for demo that is suppose to be free? You guys disagree with anything for crying out loud.

gijose3749d ago

you pay for live, playing demos is a part of live (a turdy part of live)

you want free demos the publisher should put out demo cd's, kind of like pc games used to back in the day.

and before you respond with "PSN is FREE and you get demos and the like" PSN is just as turdy with their QORE subscriptions. you have to buy a subscription to have access to a game beta?...

FantasyStar3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Gold Members get the demos once they're out. Silver Members have to wait at least a week before they get access. Cruddy, I know.

When I think about it, yeah, it's just like Qore. The only difference I can see is that one's an online infrastructure, and the other is a digital-magazine. They both suck and the only people I can see complaining about this is impatient people. The demos do get released eventually; I can find something to do to keep my occupied.

I care very little for game betas because most of the time, instead of enjoying the beta, I'm fighting technical problems. I'm not paying to diagnose their problems, they should be paying me! Or at least offering up the beta for free, so it feels worth it. But I feel like I'm getting scammed out of my $3-$5 (I know, BIG money Pre-order "bonus") for free work practically. Pay $5 now to help up, pay us $60 to help us again!

Game Betas are a travesty in this gen and I'm not going to be the one to support those lewd business practices. I never paid for a demo, I won't start now. Not even for Sony or Insomniac. And I'm still waiting 22 days for R2.

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3749d ago
P4KY B3749d ago

I love rts games. But playing them without a mouse on a 360 sucks a$$.

bumnut3749d ago

c&c3 on 360 was ok, i thought the controls worked better than i expected them to.

Perjoss3749d ago

the lord of the rings rts and the C&C game on the 360 work really well, they have gotten the controls pretty much as good as you can expect for a console controller, true its still not as good as a mouse but I think they deserve credit, they could have been a LOT worse.

kyleg3749d ago

I might get it i am getting a 360 for gears2 so i might pick this up it look interesting hope it runs good.

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