No Man's Sky and More Get Second Chance on Xbox

IGN: "Our Xbox crew discusses No Man's Sky's upcoming Xbox release and how it might be received. Plus: Shadow of War looks to rehabilitate its image, Red Faction returns, and more!"

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ILostMyMind200d ago

Oh, so cute! This game was considered trash on PS4, but now it "get second chances".

spicelicka200d ago

I'm not sure what's cute about that. Isn't the implication that the game will be released with all the updates and patches and added content that improved the originally released version? It may still turn out to be trash but I can understand why it's a 'second chance' for the game.

Kostche200d ago

Trash? oh you mean the little rubber people that cried alot? no this game was good, i have had it on Ps4/Pc since v1.0, good game, has got lot better with each update

DigitalRaptor200d ago

It "was" considered trash.

This small team led by their own independence pulled one out and didn't half-ass the updates. It's a solid game now, for its genre. If the "NEXT" update is as significant or more so than the previous updates, it should be even better than it is now - which is always good.

Bobafret200d ago

Translated: Even though I hate this game, I hate it even more that it's coming to the Xbox One because it was percieved as a console exclusive.

ILostMyMind199d ago

It was never considered exclusive.

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manabyte77200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

A second chance? The vast majority of the gaming customer base has already been tapped from PS4 & PC. What kind of sales boost is anyone actually expecting from the limited remainder on Xbox? They don’t even support the few treats they do get like Sunset Overdrive. Unless they’re staring down the barrel of a gun or in the driver’s seat of a race car, this small fan base won’t touch the game.

spicelicka200d ago

Over 30 million people is not small though....

Lexreborn2200d ago

What I think is funny is the game will release at a sub standard because of the one and S. But news outlets will act like the X is the only version that matters and completely ignore the fact that what they are fawning over right now is already available on console and PC at a WAY cheaper price point.

But you know... some sites spin what they spin instead of reviewing what’s already here. It’s like how a lot of switch games were already on Vita but instead of reviewing the Vita versions they acted like they didn’t exist. If you can’t see agendas in gaming media when they arise then it seems like your blind