Top 10 Best Single Player FPS Campaigns

BacklogCritic: "The First-Person Shooter is one of the most popular genres in the world. It’s what most people think of automatically when they think of “video game” in their heads. The perspective is instantly understandable and translatable to any gamer, for this is how we experience the world in our real lives. The genre is also known to be violent and over the top, nothing is more personal than shooting a gun at close range from this perspective, and has garnered its own set of controversies as a result. Even if a gamer only plays a single game, it is likely that the game in question is an FPS, if it’s not an MMORPG. This list is a look at the top ten best single player campaigns in this genre. These campaigns are far more than just a glorified tutorial for the multiplayer that’s so often the focus of these games, and deliver the most memorable moments of gameplay."

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howiewowwee288d ago

Very good list even though you did not go retro.