More details revealed for Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts: Riku Action Figure

Amazon has put up the product page for the Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts: Riku Action Figure, revealing several new details.

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PhoenixUp196d ago

Riku & Noctis would make the ultimate team

OmnislashVer36196d ago

I'm liking the new Riku style. Reminds me of the darkness he had in KH1. Yeah, he didn't look as dark in KH1 for the most part, but he was dark. Now he looks dark, but is light.

I'm hoping we see some edge with his character now again.

PhoenixUp196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Don’t be that guy

Rikku is in FFX & FFX-2
Riku is in the Kingdom Hearts series


DivineAssault 195d ago

Oh so its Rikku and this one is Riku