The Final Fantasy VII Remake Likely Won't Release This Year

The Final Fantasy VII remake was announced way back at E3 2015, and since then fans have gotten updates on the game every few months or so. However, based on the latest information gamers have, the game is still under heavy development.

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winter_hill248d ago

No sh!t, it likely won't release next year or the year after either. 2025 if we're lucky.

PhoenixUp248d ago

Square Enix even said FFXV would help them develop HD games faster not too long ago, yet FFVII Remake ain’t coming any sooner from the looks of it

Nitrowolf2248d ago

The fact that its running on unreal should have drastically helped with development considering ff15 had its engjne built from scratch.

248d ago
ninsigma248d ago

If it doesn't release this year, I can;t see how they're going to get all 3 parts out before next gen begins.

Enturax248d ago

I think it'll actually be a cross-gen game.

ninsigma248d ago

That would probably push me to wait for all 3 to be out and see if it comes in a single special edition package or something. But I don't know if I could wait until all 3 were out cuz I'm really looking forward to this xD

FinalFantasyFanatic247d ago


That's what I'm planning to do if it ever gets released, I suspect I may be waiting as long as a decade for said game.

-Gespenst-248d ago

It won't bode well if we don't get any major announcements about it this year sometime.

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The story is too old to be commented.