Is Microsoft Sowing Seeds for Xbox to Win the Next Console Generation?

The Xbox One may have lost this console generation, but Microsoft is laying the groundwork to win the next.

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theXtReMe11175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Of course they are already working on exclusives for next generation. Though win it? Unless they have a ton of first party studios that gamers don’t know about, it would be a far stretch for them to even compete right now with Sonys first party offerings. And this is coming from someone with an X and loving it. And, you have to remember that even if they do have some great titles coming down the stretch to next generation, like Crimson Skies’ sequel and the new Fable... they’ve got to figure out what they want to be first. This idea behind Sea Of Thieves is ridiculous. Give gamers bones of a game and let them make up their own stories, is not going to win them anything but grief from their loyal followers. They need AAA single player experiences to rival that of Sony. So far, we know about(for next gen) Crimson Skies 2, Fable 4, Halo, Gears, Forza 8 and Horizon 5(4 coming in the fall) and maybe a Quantum Break or Alan Wake sequel, Ryse 2? Not much else is known, though we may find out more at e3.

So, there is 8 if they all pan out. Sony has dozens, which is why Microsoft is looking to buy a big studio with pre-built big AAA franchises, like EA. That way, they already have hundreds of their titles to pick and choose from, though would they keep them exclusive to the Xbox/ Windows brand?

I do think Microsoft is currently back building an impressive catalogue of titles for their upcoming next gen console, though unless they do bag an EA or Ubisoft... I cant see them running away with the next generation. The thing is... had they kept going, as was, from the Xbox and 360 gen... we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. Id love to know who’s great idea it was to sell off or close almost all of their first party studios. Such a dumb move.

Regardless, it’s only going to get better for them, from here on out, if they learn from past mistakes and get gamers some really good first party AAA quality single player titles. Balls in their court to either slam over the net or simply lob Sonys way.

JaguarEvolved1174d ago

Why would anyone in their right mind have faith in any xbox exclusive for the next gen xbox
when all of their exclusives failed this generation. Isn't xbox going the way of just being an app for most gaming media devices next gen? Xbox will be a very different company next gen and I can't see any company making any third party deals with Microsoft but make deals with Sony for PlayStation. Microsoft owns very few dev studios so I think next gen Microsoft will have even less exclusive games than this gen.

BiggerBoss1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

After the way this gen has gone, you would have to pay me to buy the next Xbox...

I'm still waiting on:
-cloud making the Xbox 4times more powerful
-DX12 making the Xbox way more powerful
-bigger focus on new IP
-fable legends (cancelled)
-scalebound (cancelled)
-phantom dust (cancelled)

WilliamSheridan1174d ago

Phantom Dust remastered released months ago

BiggerBoss1174d ago


They were originally doing a full remake, until it was cancelled.

UCForce1174d ago

@WilliamSheridan It was supposed to be a remake. But completely cancelled by MS and they make a remastered instead.

StormSnooper1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Nothing against xbox but at this point I think gamers should send a strong message to Microsoft that we don’t like their business strategy. Services are great, but they should not be the focus, also console gamers should stand against Microsoft’s attempts to dilute the importance of consoles in favor of PC (nothing against PC, I just think consoles should be protected)

If you want to know which side you are truely on, there is a simple test for it:
Imagine Xbox is the only console available, would you be content with Microsoft’s offerings this generation?

IMO they ARE thinking about the future generations, the question is, is that a future we as gamers would like to envision?

343_Guilty_Spark1174d ago

The Holy Trinity did not was mostly new IPs that failed. 3rd party console exclusives like Ori, Cuphead, and PUBG also did very well too.

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AngelicIceDiamond1174d ago

"when all of their exclusives failed this generation" ALL. Are you sure about that?

LordMaim1174d ago

Hey TrollityTroll. Microsoft hasn't beaten Sony in any generation. Check out the sales figures.

TrollityTroll1174d ago

@ LordMaim WTF are you on about?
Where did you get the impression XB ever outsold PS in a generation from my post?

RosweeSon1174d ago

And to make it even funnier they brought it on themselves throwing the chequebook around in 360 days and buying up all the exclusivity deals. Karma.

indysurfn1174d ago

To be fair if you read this wikipedia it does say it was released may 16 2017 pm x1 and pc.
But like the man said Still waiting on cloud, dx12, etc etc

MetalGearsofWar1174d ago


Why are you waiting for cancelled games?

SquareBurgers1174d ago

Once players get sick of the same gameplay in every Sony exclusive, they will look for new, fresh ideas.

FinalFantasyFanatic1174d ago


People are going to get sick of a wide variety of games across almost every genre? Xbox used to be the go to console for dude bro shooters and sports games/racing. That's not a great deal of variety compared to what we have now.

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UltraNova1174d ago

I like your opitimistic view. But MS has given us absolutely no reasons to believe anything they say let alone expect great things, as in new IPs and non GaaS exclusives in general from them in the future.

The best approach to have when it comes to MS and xbox is "wait and see".

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343_Guilty_Spark1174d ago


How is a console that pays console games not a console? The Xbox hardware is a console.

Xbox console services like Live, GamePass, GamePreview, EA Access are designed to increase access to the Xbox library of game.

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chiefJohn1171174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

MakoD you sound stupid (as usual lol) Xbox one is a console nuff said. I guess PlayStation isn't a console to you either

1174d ago
RosweeSon1174d ago

Or just swerve 😜🤓✌🏻

Imalwaysright1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

"Xbox is a service and platform not hardware" this got 22 agrees LMAO. What is it then? An illusion that somehow you can see and touch? Would you let me hit with that illusion in your head just to see what happens?

"Its just a Xbox branded PC" Is this another joke? Not even close to being a PC! Xbox is a closed platform that is controlled by MS. PC is an open platform that will never be controlled by the likes of MS, Sony or Nintendo. This is what separates consoles from PC. Oh and please don't come saying that it is a limited PC. If it is limited on what you can do with it be it hardware or software, then its not a PC.

1173d ago
Imalwaysright1173d ago


Enough with the BS. I'm not talking about their plans or Nadella or windows RT whatever it may be. I'm talking about the X1 so if the X1 is not a console as you say (yet it works as any other console) and as we already established its definetely not a PC then what is it? It's not a handheld, Its not a tablet, Its not a phone. What is it? Did MS carve a new market for them? What is the Xbox One? What is it that you are buying when you buy a Xbox One? Hell I wonder what most people would say if I asked them what they bought?

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robleroy1174d ago

Reason for xbox 2: Sell hardware to fanboys.
Reason for ps5 : VR

The very large library of SONY first party studios have been gearing up for years for both VR and none VR exclusives.
the total of first AAA party studios of MS are all counted on 2 maybe 3 fingers..
To make a AAA exclusive you need at least 2 years. MS told the fanboys that now the xbox x is selling , they started to look to make exclusives (little late ...),but we would need to wait a couple of years...
The fact that the xbox has sold almost halve as much as SonY baffles me. selling hardware without exclusive AAA game support says one thing for sure.: MS has the best sales department and specialists in the world. The xbox at this point should be selling 10% at what they have sold now.
Trying to enforce DRM through lies
Trying to force kinnect through lies
Allways selling that AAA exclusives will come.
HALO tv series
The power of the cloud
Selling GDDR3 XBOX One as a beller sollution than GDDR5 (PS4) and then using GDDR5 win the XBOX X
Selling DiRECTX12 as a XBOX ONE superdriver (PS4 AAA games don't us driver but are connecting to barebone hardware from the game engine....What software soolution could ever top that??..)
Inventors of the XBOX LIVE Paywall
Dropping Kinnect support..(SONY did not drop support for ps3 move sticks or the eye camera).
Dropping game development for the xbox as soon as the xbox360 was being sold. (SONY only drops sopport for old hardware at a much much later time)

MS primarily is in it for the money and the game destributers (EA)
SONY is primarily in it for the market share and gameplayers and game developers.
It would not suprise me if MS made more profit than SONY at this point, and will continue their startegy and delude.
SONY invests very much and a lot by owning gamecompanies.
IT probably is why a couple of months ago SONY replaced the CEO with a financial minded CEO

AmUnRa1174d ago

"Selling GDDR3 Xbox One has a better solutions than GDDR5 PS4"

The X box One usses DDR3 and the PS4 usses GDDR5.....😉

Kokyu1174d ago

@AmUnRa that what they said MS tried tp push DDr3 with Esram as being better than Gddr5 when it wasnt and everyone knew it.

zb1ftw7771174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

DDR3 is faster at loading things into memory (streaming), GDDR5 is faster at using things in memory (once loaded).

What this means is that seamlessly loading bigger world's is better with DDR3 IF the world can not fit into memory all at once.

Otherwise GDDR5 is better.

Ashlen1174d ago


"DDR3 is faster at loading things into memory (streaming), GDDR5 is faster at using things in memory (once loaded)."

This is just factually incorrect. In most cases DDR5 has higher latency than DDR3 but DDR5 has higher frequency which can exceed any differences in latency. A similar but different example with RAM is that one chip can have higher frequency but be slower than another chip with faster timings.

TheCommentator1174d ago

You sound really ridiculous.

1174d ago
1174d ago
UCForce1174d ago

@gamerzero Not Just that. John Kodera has been working closely with Andrew House for decades. Sony doesn’t replace people easily.

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Ceaser98573611174d ago

It will be tough to compete with Sony when it comes to first party games.. Sony also announced that their first priority will be 1st party games.. Also Sony invest alot and takes risk when it comes to 1st party games which MS will never do... Next Gen Sony will still lead and if they announce PS5 with PS4 BC They gonna be untouchable..

Kokyu1174d ago

With the supposed specs of Zen/Zen2 Ryzen 7 and a navi based GPU(I sure hope navi is better than vega) which I would speculate will be 10-12tflops with 32 qnd 16fp ops and 16 gb of Gddr6 then add BC Ps4........Im actually super excited for what that could mean for Sony 1st party and gaming.

Ceaser98573611174d ago

Ya i hope PS5 to do 4k 60fps?? Is that possible?? ... With those leaked specs.. I also read the Navi gpu can be upgraded in future...

Rude-ro1174d ago

Remember the last four year of the 360 when everyone was saying that they were getting ready for the new gen?

The only perk right now is bringing the entire library into existence. That is great no matter what...
but a lot of players are enticed with new and innovative games and will go back when bored...
Microsoft has the bored right now and after 6 years of producing nothing new or exciting... their next gen is screwed as well. Who would trust a company that spent more money making upgraded Xbox ones over any new games?
Sure, they can come out with A new game, maybe two by the time this gen is over, but that is not going to do one thing to build confidence... it is only going to provide a new game to consumer base it has.

chiefJohn1171174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Wishful thinking lol. Anyway, SOD 2 releases this month right? Hopefully we'll get an Ori release date soon, it was targeting spring, did Ms ever reveal cd3 release date? I still gotta get cuphead and I might try Pubg, my friendlist is loaded with that game.


mark_parch1174d ago

Microsoft have to finish this generation of strong to even have a chance next gen. if they don't release any meaningful games between now and the next xbox all faith will be lost and no matter how good the launch line up looks most people will chose playstation. Microsoft have to buy some top notch studios, its the only way they can even attempt to compete

1Victor1174d ago

At the tittle
Answer me this
1 Did Microsoft when on studio shopping spree
2 Have Microsoft learn from past mistakes
3 Have Microsoft stop relying on the same 3 franchises and a single video game genre
Answer 2 out of 3 the same and you’ll know the truth and a educated forecast of their future

chiefJohn1171174d ago

Just out of curiosity what are the 3 games they rely on and what is the single genre that those 3 happen to share? (This gon be good lol)

UCForce1174d ago

@chiefJohn117 Not good enough.

Chevalier1174d ago

Shocker that ChiefJohn is making excuses for Xbox.

chiefJohn1171173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

@ chev what about that comment was an excuse. I asked a question nothing more

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trooper_1174d ago

Where are the exclusives are for THIS generation?

Stop making excuses for them.

Aceman181174d ago

First thing they would have to do to actually win a generation is make sure your product is popular in all regions around the world, not just 2 regions.

It would also help to have a varied portfolio of games from the start.

chiefJohn1171174d ago

If they wanna go over top WW yes but i don't that happening last gen told us all we needed to know. EU was the exact opposite of NA sells wise. All PS exclusives could release for xbox, it still wouldn't win EU, and ofc Japan is non-existent. They could try harder in those territories for more sells but it's not gonna be a big difference. It's like a company trying to pass iPhone in NA not gonna happen regardless of how better the phone is or mess ups iPhone has.

Aceman181174d ago


Well we won't know until they try. They need to set it up their game.

fr0sty1174d ago

They've been trying for 3 generations and don't have a single win to show for it yet.

outsider16241174d ago

It might only win in the US. WorldWide, it ain't gonna touch the ps5.

1174d ago
UCForce1174d ago

@imGumvyDammit PS4 is about 77 million units worldwide.

quenomamen1174d ago

The key words in your argument is if MS can LEARN from their MISTAKES and dont tell us MS isn't hard headed, arrogant and they dont think they know whats good for gamers and always try and push their agenda on gamers. Kinect, always on, no used games, subsciptions, etc. They're like the Apple of video games companies.

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TheColbertinator1175d ago

Plating the seeds yet salting the earth has been a Microsofr strategy too often

PhoenixUp1174d ago

After Xbox 360 ended up being the slowest and least selling console of the 7th gen despite all the advantages that were afforded to Microsoft, it should be pretty clear there won’t be any generation where they win.

PurplePeopleEaters1174d ago

Agreed. Despite the 360’s early take-off.. it slowed down at the end and ultimately lost to the PS3. Xbox has never won a console generation.

KickSpinFilter1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Ya 360 kinda won that gen (In the US at least) with hearts and minds even though it did sell less, and it's end of life exclusives were pretty barren near the end also.

Liqu1d1174d ago

You don't win a generation through hearts and minds. The Wii won last gen.

UCForce1174d ago

@KickSpinFilter But at the end of 360 days, MS didn’t end with a bang of Xbox 360. PS3 ended with a bang of The Last of Us.

KickSpinFilter1174d ago

"MS didn’t end with a bang of Xbox 360"
No kidding that is basically what I said.

jznrpg1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

@KickSpinFiler they won the first year when PS3 wasn’t out and the next year after that but then it was close . Xbox fell off after Kinect and PS3 ended up winning . Those last 4 or 5 years turned a lot of ppl off and then they had the reveal for Xb1 and not much in games for the entire gen and the majority doesn’t care anymore

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Gr8saiyaman881174d ago

Who cares about sales? I'd say 8/10 people I knew (and I was in college at the time, tons of gamers) had both a Wii and Xbox 360 most of 7th gen-- the PS3 only caught up in sales toward the end when Sony was desperately throwing out bundles. All the video game discussions and gaming meetups were for Halo, Gears and Melee, then maybe CoD. The only PS3 game ever really brought up was MGS4 : p

WickedLester1174d ago

I hate to break it to you but PS3 outsold Xbox 360 globally year over year once it launched. The only reason 360 held its lead for as long as it did was because they had a full year on the market before PS3 launched. Yes the 360 was the market leader in North America and the UK but this is a global industry. a global market. You can't just cherry pick certain regions and say 360 won last generation. You have to look at the whole picture.

UCForce1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

@WickedLester Sony made huge comeback with PS3 by strong exclusive games.

WeAreLegion1174d ago

Maybe you should have been hanging out with cooler people last generation.

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