No Man's Sky On Xbox One. Did Anyone Ask For This?

No Man's Sky was recently announced for Xbox One, considering the game's reputation that still lingers regardless of the updates it's received. Does anyone really care?

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theXtReMe1293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I was right there with you, my friend. I loved the game at launch, it’s only gotten better over time. With the X patch and NEXT update, it’s going to be even better. Truthfully, there must’ve been some sort of interest in a Xbox version, as they wouldn’t be taking all of the time and making the huge effort to move it to a new platform without some sort of intuition as to how it might sell. Something also tells me that this next update is not only going to add multiplayer, it’s going to let a group of friends team up for co-op and possibly allow everyone to ride along on the same ship and all take position, Sea Of Thieves style. Imagine a space battle, where you are flying and your friend is down in the turret gunning down enemies Luke Skywalker style via the Milllenium Falcon... Or, everyone gathering in the ships hub to discuss over their headsets where to go next in your travels. How about a fleet of friends with their own ships, X-Wing style, taking on large cargo and starships to gain their goods or take a new ship.

The possibilities are endless and what better platform to not only introduce the game to, but bring the new multiplayer over. Not to mention, take advantage of their latest hardware, so gamers can enjoy it in 4K resolution with HDR and push the game even further visually.

I, for one, can’t wait to play it on the X!

jerethdagryphon292d ago

I love it well except the 4 hours i spent without fuel on a extreme sentinel planet. Scrounging up life support and dodging sentinels the new storyline is creepy the game looks great and the quality of life stuff just makes it so much better

smolinsk292d ago

Great game then and even better now

Spoticle292d ago

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Yes, some people did.

chris235292d ago ShowReplies(1)
vega275292d ago

No. This is just an weak attempt to get money from xbox fans. Since they probably ran out of money with trying to fix The many issues and lies and since it's not selling anymore on The PC and ps4. They want to try and over charge The xbox community. The game was a buggy unplayable mess at launch. I'm glad I bought it on steam. Cause I was able to get my money back. Unlike many who sony would not refund. I bought the game when it was on sale again on steam with the updates. It's not much better and it's certainly not worth the asking price of $50 dollars.

So again. NO. No xbox fan asked for this and I'm pretty sure many won't buy it.

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