The Most Memorable Bosses from the God of War Trilogy

Adam BenMoussa: With the spiritual reboot of God of War upon us, we decide its time to take a look at some of Kratos's most impressive feats from his old world. Put on your red war paint, chain up your arms and let out your Spartan battlecry, here are our the most memorable bosses from the God of War trilogy.

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NecrumOddBoy196d ago

Poseidon was not only an incredible fight, it was such an intense opening to a game.

DivineAssault 195d ago

GoW 3 had the most memorable bosses to me.. Maybe not the toughest or anything but definitely memorable..

DaReapa195d ago

Decent list. My most memorable encounter was Chronos. I hate they're deviating from the scale the series was synonymous with.

Einhander1971195d ago

Hercules GoW 3 epic boss battle, the list is to long. Can't wait to see what God of war 4 has to offer.