72% of large UK games firms have bigger gender pay gap than national average

Just a taste:

"Sumo Digital's median hourly rate for women is 34.5% lower than men's."

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MrDead1763d ago

Here is a link to a vid that fully explains the "pay gap"...

kevnb1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

women have only been in the work force for a few decades really, give it time for them to get into the higher paying jobs. Until then stop with the misleading articles and stats, you have to examine what is actually happening. To get a better idea start at the schools, look what people are studying by gender. Also, men and women aren't the same... women are more likely to be focused on family rather than the high paying jobs (now this doesn't mean every man and woman fall into this generalization, but there is definitely a difference between men and women in general).

capjacksparrow1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

This is ridiculous. There are many more men that have higher positions within the studios, as the article itself says. It would then make sense that, on average, the men would be making more money. If they take two individuals doing the same exact job, one male and one female, and the male is getting paid more to do exactly the same thing, then that is an absolute shame.

Now, if you're to argue that women should have more high pay positions within the industry, that's another story. It should solely be based on merit, not gender, at least in my opinion. Since the gap has been closing between the number of female and male developers in the industry, we'll see even more female leads as time progresses and they master their crafts.

These people are crunching numbers to appeal to a certain political base to strum up some argument. Only when you take a singular studio aside and see equal work for an unequal amount of pay should you shout to the high heavens. Singling a studio out for such atrocious behavior may actually make them change their ways.

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