Diablo III: No More Stats/Attribute Point Spending

Blizzard has just revealed a shocker: Diablo III will effectively remove the ability for players to manually assign points to their stats as it will be handled automatically as in World of Warcraft.

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Captain Tuttle3709d ago

Oh no. Hope this isn't true.

vitz33709d ago

How much can one company alienate it's fanbase in the span of one year? This much.

JsonHenry3709d ago

So this is basically just a hack and slash now? Or is it going to be optional like some other RPGs?

Sounds to me like they are aiming not at their hardcore base but at the casual gamers.. : (

StillGray3709d ago

They are replacing the customizability offered by stats with a new skill system that incorporates the use of special 'runes' that alter the effects of skills. In addition, you can only put 1 point into 'primary skills', but they can be upgraded by sub-skills, which are sort of like synergies that affect your entire build up to 15 points.

The change is really not so bad.

Jdoki3708d ago

Bubble Sol Invictus for actually doing some research instead of the usual N4G knee jerk reaction.

If people were really that interested in D3 they would already know about this new system - but instead they prefer to whine, as noted in numerous posts below...

Sarick3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

They didn't mention the new copy protection in this story. If it's anything like spore there's going to be another fiasco.

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pornflakes3709d ago

well, i always played HC mode... i hope they will change it -.-

mirroredderorrim3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

It is me.. or are they trying to inject Wow into Diablo III?

It looks like WoW so far. I hate the new art style as the skeletons for instance.. compare skeletons from Diablo III to Diablo II..

In D3 they look bulky and stupid, like bones or skeletons in WoW. (cartoony, if you will)

In D2 there was a certain amount of realism to their skeletons. They had tiny, very detailed bones. The skeles in D2 look serious and a little intimidating.. whereas in D2.. they look cartoony and ready to hit you in the head with an over-sized mallet.

Stat points were a pivotal part of this game. If these people are smart ( and they haven't been since Vivendi get into the mix ) - they will rethink doing this, as this has not really changed since D1!

Wtf is Blizzard thinking?

MK_Red3708d ago

WTF!? Is Blizzard literally trying to piss of fans or dumb down the game?

Charlie26883708d ago

More and more things to dumbing down for "the newcomers" like many other company have done when bringing back old IPs...while its not a monstrosity as with Fallout 3 >.> its still retarded specially for the hardcore Diablo 2 fans

To be honest I am surprised Blizzard could do such a thing when they were suppose to have high standards but I guess they changed a LOT after the success of WOW and the merge with Activision :(

MK_Red3708d ago

lol, Now that I think about it, I feel Fallout 3 is no worse. Just my 2 cents but both games definitly got royally ******. After WOW, all Blizzard has thought about was $$$. First turning StarCraft 2 into a trilogy where each campaign has to be bought SEPERATELY and now... .

Charlie26883708d ago

Fallout 3? mean Brotherhood of Steel 2 ;)

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