Spider-Man Has No Microtransactions And A World "Several Times Larger" Than Sunset Overdrive

Sever new details have emerged about Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, after Game Informer’s digital issue went live earlier today. In addition to a release date of Sept. 7, we found out some new info on gameplay, world size, and a few other features.

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DarkVoyager1335d ago ShowReplies(4)
FallenAngel19841335d ago

Why would a single player game need microtransactions? What has this industry come to?

It’ll be awesome to experience this title

DivineAssault 1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Why you ask??? Because theyre money hungry bastards that wanna ruin the industry with their greed.. Its one thing to offer dlc to people that want new maps, quests, etc.. Its another to put in loot boxes or other BS pay to win structures..

MegamanXXX1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Don't Far Cry 5 or Assassins Creed have Microtransactions?

UltraNova1335d ago

Both games however, have online components so there their excuse/opportunity for MTs.

AlphaCentyros1335d ago

@Ultra, not true, Origins is a completely SP experience.

FallenAngel19841335d ago

@ Divine

I know there are greedy bastards in this industry, just look what happened to Shadow of War.

I’m just saying microtransactions shouldn’t be in single player games most of all. It’s a sad day in the industry when saying a game not featuring them is a perk instead of the rule

@ Mega

I know. I’m not saying that no single player game has ever had them, just that they should most of all not have them included

DivineAssault 1334d ago

Yeah its very unfortunate.. Even if theyre not intrusive, i dont want them in games at all.. I wish theyd be abolished all together.. Its a growing cancer in gaming.. Sad thing is that its not going anywhere either.. People keep spending money on that BS which encourages publishers to shoehorn them into every game they release.. Thank the gaming gods sony isnt forcing their dev teams to do it..

ClanPsi11335d ago Show
KillBill1335d ago

What does single player or multiplayer have to do with microtransactions? You seem to suggest single player games don't have huge amounts of microtransactions too. Asura's Wrath even put their real ending as a microtransaction.

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DivineAssault 1335d ago

Because Sony isnt like EA or them other intrusive publishers.. Games from "the other guys" is like going to gamestop and having the cashier bugging the sh*t out of you to buy disc protection, the rewards program, or whatever.. To hell with microtransactions for real..

badz1491335d ago

Xbox fanboys wish this game has MT just so they can finally say "LOL" to PS fanboys. easy as that.

DivineAssault 1334d ago

Sad right? They'd rather PS4 software fail than get one and play great games..

corroios1335d ago

Sony get Insomniac!!! Amazing studio, Try again get them. Their games alwayse are perfect for sony gamers.

OffRoadKing1335d ago ShowReplies(1)
1335d ago
PhoenixUp1335d ago

You know there’s a reason Insomniac has remained independent for most of its existence right?

You’d have a better chance at seeing Nintendo buy Game Freak than for Sony to buy Insomniac

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