5 Best Games of March 2018, According to Metacritic

5) Burnout Paradise Remastered – Average Metacritic Score: 81 EA has been against remasters for the most part, ignoring the cries for upgraded versions of Dead Space and the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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DigitalRaptor1339d ago

Saving you from multiple page clicks:

5. Burnout Paradise
4. Far Cry 5
3. Ni No Kuni II
2. Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5
1. DJMAX Respect

All on PS4... amazing. I wonder how many of next month's top releases will also be on PS4, with GoW and Yakuza 6. :)

Deathdeliverer1339d ago

You are the real MVP DigitalRaptor

mercyblades1339d ago

Really happy for Ni No Kuni II