10 Years Later, Braid Remains The Definitive Indie Game

If you haven’t played Braid before, here’s what happens when you turn it on: It looks like Mario, but something is wrong. You’re a red-headed guy wearing a suit, for one, and the music is not the old Mario song; it is, in fact, quite sad. You run to the right, just like Mario would, hopping on enemies and over man-eating plants popping out of pipes. At the end of each level, there’s a flag, a castle, a dinosaur. But at some point, you will inevitably die, which is when the game springs its core provocation: One pull of the right trigger lets you rewind time as much as you want, right back to the beginning of the level, if you choose.

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maybelovehate290d ago

I didn't really like it that much. Much preferred Limbo

PhoenixUp290d ago

Not the very best that no indie game ever was

awdevoftw289d ago

This is one of those critically acclaimed games that I didn't understand the love for. It was mediocre in every way to me.