EA to Take-Two: We Were Doing You a Favor!

John Riccitiello has explained, at least in part, why Electronic Arts was so adament about buying up Take-Two: Because EA "wanted to help" them.

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TheColbertinator3656d ago

LMAO.Take 2 has Bioshock,Civilization,GTA,and the MLB license.They dont need any "help"

AAACE53656d ago

Help them by driving them into the ground like their other developers!

AAACE53656d ago

The quality in their games are getting better... but there is an everlasting cheapness to their games that they cannot hide! I bought Madden, and it looked ok at first, but then I saw the old EA come out from behing the shadows. Same problem with Battlefield Bad company! I played the demo of Mercenaries 2. It didn't used to be such a bad game back with the first one, but 2 is just terrible IMO!

T2 games have their own character, and have something else that makes you want to play them. Even if you think the game might not be great... you will form at least a small bit of respect for them! I can't remember if I ever respected a EA game honestly! I always just bought a few to have something to play for the moment.

Crazywhitie3656d ago

F*** EA... This is one Company that I can't Stand..

CertifiedGamer3656d ago

EA wanted to screw Take 2 and Im glad they didn't.

Pebz3656d ago

Classic example of corporate newspeak.

hotrider123656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

EA quit acting like a desperate hound dog leave take-two alone!!!!
you can't get bioshock,MLB lic.,GTA,CIVILIZATION. bite on that will ya!!

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The story is too old to be commented.