Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch Gets New Trailer Showing Colorful Gameplay

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and today you can check out a trailer showcasing its colorful gameplay.

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PeaSFor2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

I missed it on wii u since i sold the console early, so for me its a brand new game and im super hyped about it!

HeisenbergX2295d ago

@PeaSFor Same here , this month i'm buying the new GOW then i'm buying this when it comes out.

Avengerz432295d ago

Yes I never played the original so finally a switch port that I haven't previously beat on another platform. I'll definitely be getting this

SuperSonic912295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Port port port
They are repeating thw Wii U strategy again.

higgins782295d ago

Yet doing record breaking numbers this time round, so...

TheManicCoder2295d ago

I have to respond to @SuperSonic91 because these comments are getting ridiculous.

As someone who owns all of the consoles this gen and proudly plays every game I can, I will remind you that Sony initially had also many ports from the PS3 gen. Your comment is an example of extreme bias.

Guess what? Many of us enjoyed Uncharted series , TLOU, Heavy Rain, etc. On the PS3 which sold over 80 million during its lifetime.

Sony reached a broad audience with their games, and are also guilty of filling the gaps with ports / remasters. The difference here is that you cannot compare that to the paltry 12 million consoles during its lifetime in the Wii U. It was a colossal failure but it had an amazing game lineup that not many people got to experience . The difference here is, many people will enjoy these games as new games because they never got to play them originally .

G3ng4r2295d ago

@SuperSonic91 Guess what you're getting when ps5 hits this year or next? The same thing you did with your beloved ps4. GoW port, tlou 2 port, etc.

Gameseeker_Frampt2295d ago

@ TheManicCoder

How many of those ports were released by Sony in the first year of PS4?

Sony put out 1 port in the same time that Nintendo has put out 5 - and that isn't even counting DKTF or the other ports already announced for this year. Unlike Nintendo, Sony also didn't charge full price for these ports - or $10 more than full price like with DKTF. The excuse that since the Wii U was a failed system doesn't hold either since the same people making that excuse also want 3DS games ported to the Switch.

SuperSonic912295d ago

@ higgins
Yet over pricing old games
You guys care about Nintendo more than your own wallets?
Talk about Stockholm Syndrome

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Guyfamily9992295d ago

I'm just gonna pirate and play it in 4K on cemu lol. So sick of buying games for full price twice.

stokedAF2295d ago

That escalated quickly lol. 59.99 or pirate...

There are certain games waiting for a Black Friday sale and these kinds of ports are perfect. Get it for 20 bucks in Nov.

I’m excited because I never had a wiiu. If you have already played it then why are you upset about the day 1 price?

SuperSonic912295d ago

When it comes to charging its loyal fans an arm and a leg for ports of old games no one does it like Nintendo. They really milk their fans like crazy. Charging full price for an old game!
This is why they will never ever be numero uno.
I will be a poor gamer if I stick with Nintendo.
Crash Trilogy Remake wasn't even full price on PS4.

DarkVoyager2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Yea I would’ve loved to get this game on Switch but at $59 they can keep it.

The recent Shadow of the Colossus remake was $39 which makes this game look like an even bigger joke at $59.

SuperSonic912295d ago

On top of that Ratchet and Clank, Shadow of the Colossus and Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy were were Remakes from the ground up, has HDR tech, 4K display capabilities and priced at $40.
That is why PS4 has my business at a very reasonable price.

Einhander19712295d ago

Had this on the Wii u fantastic game will be buying again.

3-4-52295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Not sure why but I all of the sudden got Aladdin(Sega Genesis version) vibes from watching this. Can't wait to finally play it. Never actually played a DKC game even though I remember friends playing them back in the day on SNES.

Some of my fave music ever comes from DKC...just never played the games. This looks like old school SNES/Sega Genesis type of fun.

Gemmol2295d ago

Dkc games are really good, my favorite donkey kong 64

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SimpleSlave534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

I'm glad they didn't. I heard he was asking for way too much money to reprise his role as a mascot. Which is ludicrous since everybody knows Rambi is the real star here. Enguarde is just a second stinger at best.

The audacity of this fish! SHAME!!!


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