What We Want from the New Tomb Raider Game

Whatever new features it has in store for its fans, the new Tomb Raider game is expected to be a hit. With a devoted fan base and its decades-long legacy, the Tomb Raider franchise refuses to fade into oblivion.

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Jinger198d ago

RotTR was fantastic! I expect Shadow of the Tomb Raider to raise the bar again. Hopefully they can get some interesting side characters in there this time, but as long as they keep the gameplay great I'll be happy!

gutteranthems198d ago

Hopefully this will get more into the tomb raiding that we know from the early days of PS

Jinger198d ago

Well RotTR had a LOT more tomb raiding in it, especially compared to the first reboot.

bigmalky198d ago

Seems you've only played the last two...

gutteranthems198d ago

I actually liked TR better than RotTR. Am I alone in that?

Christopher198d ago

Alone, no. In a big minority, yes.

ClayRules2012198d ago

No, your not alone. Story wise, while I love Lara, nobody else in the world was interesting, which was the same issue I had with the reboot, but I just didn’t find anyone interesting,. And Jonah just annoying to me.

I was bothered with the fact that Lara’s running/walking animations were reused from the reboot in 2013. It may not be a big issue for many, which I can understand. But for me, when games like Uncharted featured new animations for Drake with each new game, it adds to the experience. I also had issues with how weightless Is when your jumping and what not.

angelsx198d ago

I want good story with various locations like jungle and desert

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