Microsoft Should Build an Xbox One Without a Disc Drive

With the gaming industry embracing digital distribution methods, would it be beneficial for Microsoft to build a Xbox One console that does not include a disc drive?

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Goldby201d ago

well seeing as they are supporting BC alot, it would be kinda bad for them to remove the disc drive as it may prevent a majority of the players from being able to access their BC catalog

DivineAssault 200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

That and the UHD bluray drive they advertise so much.. Unfortunately the BC and UHD support is their main selling point.. Losing that disc drive would hurt them if anything..

200d ago
indysurfn200d ago

That and their reputation. Imagine them releasing are advertising such a thing. It will be two seconds before every one jumps on them abandoning physical media. And I will be one of them. Heck, there will be accusations of it being a way around the 24 hour check in policy! Now they have an excuse to force you online all the time.

NoFanboyJustLovGames200d ago

how my BC is all Digital as well

indysurfn200d ago

If Microsoft wants to continue cutting their own console throats. Then yes, by all means they should put out a digital only console and see the hate for them build up again.

gamingunited201d ago

I agree, then Sony should make a video about how you trade games on PS4... oh wait....

passenger77200d ago

That was awesome trolling! You gotta respect Yoshida, and it was on the go, nothing planned... "Hey let's do this, right? record it with your cell phone" I laugh so hard.

indysurfn200d ago

ROFL!!! Good comment man. Never thought of it as awesome trolling! Love it.

TheMuffDiver200d ago

HA HA i seen what you did there! yup 2013 all over again!

badz149200d ago

can't believe that was almost 5 years ago

RuleNumber5201d ago

Meh, still love buying physical games. The trend certainly is going toward a more digital emphasis, but don't think it's time yet.

Sgt_Slaughter200d ago

Physical is actually making a comeback.

Music CD's and Vinyl sales overtook Digital music for the first time since 2010/2011, and the gap is getting bigger. Also for games, there's been more physical indies in the last few years when, at the start of this gen, it was a miracle if that happened.

Couple that with the fears of Net Neutrality issues, and I think physical will be the norm again for most entertainment fields. The more games I can get on disc/cartridge the better.

2pacalypsenow201d ago (Edited 201d ago )

What's the point? Benefit? It will only alienate customers who prefer physical copies.

Plus it would get rid of the UHD player and the Xbox BC.

1Victor200d ago

I don’t care whom ever make a disk less console is dead in the arrival (DOA) the word isn’t the US EURPE RUSIA AND ASIA major cities

Lennoxb63201d ago

MS is going to let Sony or Nintendo do it first. Seeing as they get more backlash for things than those two do. I mean the Switch technically is already all digital.

Lennoxb63200d ago

Didn't say it was. I said "technically." There's no disc drive and you can download games digitally. It's more digital than both the PS4 and X1 which have disc drives.

Goldby200d ago

"There's no disc drive and you can download games digitally. It's more digital than both the PS4 and X1 which have disc drives."

except the only difference is Nintendo is using a cartridge drive instead of a disc drive.
its just as digital as PS4 and Xbox 1. if anything, less because of the small internal storage

Nyxus200d ago

Makes no sense. Just because it uses cards instead of discs doesn't make it technically digital. It's just as much a physical medium as a disc. Sure there is the option for digital as well, but that doesn't mean anything.

Goldby200d ago

Except cartridges aren't Digital...

Lennoxb63200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

There's no disc drive. You can download games digitally. I know there's an option for cartridges.

Goldby200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

well then i guess ps4 is also all digital.
i know theres an option for discs
you can download games digitally...

if you can physically buy the game, it isn't a digital only system.....
i dont understand how you can view a disc as physical but not a cartridge.
both of those PHYSICAL medias need a drive to read them.....

Dragonscale200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

@lennox, you're really reaching. Funniest thing I've read all day lol.

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Xenophon_York200d ago

@Lennoxb63 you keep using that word—I do not think it means what you think it means.

according to the facts or exact meaning of something; strictly.

letsa_go200d ago

Lennoxb63 has doubled down on the stupid multiple times here. haha

Xenophon_York200d ago

Another individual who is literally just joking about being serious?

Call me a grammar Nazi if you wish, but I prefer to think of it as having conversation that doesn't lend to pyschotic breakdowns and other general mental disorders.

Words are the most powerful tool we have. Too many individuals improperly throw around phrases and terms that LITERALLY erode the bedrock of civilization.

badz149200d ago

the Switch is technically "disc-less", not "all digital"

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