Sea of Thieves Patch 1.0.2 Fixes Ship Respawn Issue

Rare today released Sea of Thieves’ second client-side update – a 450MB download that, among other big fixes, adjusts the ship respawning system to help combat player griefing.

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Jinger1294d ago

Good work Rare! This was definitely a needed fix

lxeasy1294d ago

Especially the Ship respawn. Some of those fort battles would last hours because they respawn so quickly

Jinger1294d ago

Exactly... it just became a back and forth battle. Now that the spawn is so much further away there will be less reckless people coming in to just ram your boat and make off with the treasure.

UnHoly_One1294d ago

This should hopefully make the forts better.

As it was, it was sort of pointless to even try to take a fort if there was another ship there. You'd fight with them and never progress the fort, one of you would die and be back a couple minutes later to do it all over again.

It would drag the fort out so long that it made more sense to just leave it and go do something else.

3-4-51294d ago

I bought bored playing solo after 3 quests...I'll come back to it once they've added more to do.

OTaylor1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

You havent figured out that there is more you can do than structured voyages. You should try thinking like a pirate, and go off the bread trail.

Harryvok1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I’ve done some exploring and ‘discovery’ wise, there is emptiness to be found. It isn’t really exciting coming across a cave knowing it will be devoid of everything apart from maybe a skeleton. If you enjoy playing with friends I’m sure there’s more fun in the game, especially battling if you’re into that, but the world feels quite dead and empty to me.

OTaylor1294d ago

As I said above, start thinking like a pirate. If you are playing alone it means that there are up to 15 other people in the world with you. Getting sneaky and taking someone elses treasure is fun and different every time.

yomfweeee1294d ago

Now the number of people who were playing will drop because the griefers will have nothing to do.