IncGamers: FIFA '09 10 vs 10 Online Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson spent a week online with FIFA '09's 10 vs 10 Be a Pro mode. Having seen the best and worst the mode has to offer, here are the three games that stood out.

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thetamer3653d ago

Good angle on this, it's an interesting read. I want a sausage.

Leord3653d ago

I really couldn't care less for fotball games ("soccer", for Americans), but the reviews can be fun to read.

Maticus3653d ago

Is it me, or do all football games look extremely similar?

ninja_united3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

what ??? the beautiful game is never the same thats why everybody loves it

ninja_united3653d ago

but when PES adds this feature fifa is dead.
u dont want to go out and play real football, play fifa (for now)