Microsoft Hit With California Class Action Lawsuit For Xbox 360 Failures - Microsoft are facing a lawsuit, brought under California's consumer protection statutes, was filed in the Sacramento County Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that an excessive number of Xbox 360 consoles have failed, resulting in what is commonly known in the gaming community as the "red ring of death".

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strotee3658d ago

Surprised it took this long for a lawsuit.

Like most companies with a lot of money to buy the best lawyers available, this will get quickly settled/dismissed and nothing more will happen before it hits the public's eyes.

skapunkmetalskater3658d ago

Yeah we all know this won't succeed due to Microsoft's legal team but it should... if it did go through they'd be sued left, right and centre from everyone who bought their system.

DARKKNIGHT3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


This was unavoidable. All n4g users in that area should sign this "complaint"......... fact everyone on n4g that owns the 360 should sign this. You guys can be in for some GOOD FREEBIES.

its not like it will cost you anything, SOMEONELSE already started the work for you. You should all JUMP IN on this opportunity

Man_of_the_year3658d ago

Oh look!!! Americans suing another multi-billion dollar American company looking for a quick buck for the lamest of reasons...who would have thought...

This will be thrown out of court. MS have implemented a Billion dollar plan that any consoles with RROD will be replaced free!! i had 2 that RROD on me and 1 where the drive didn't open and i never paid a cent on repairs or shipping to get it fixed. I now own an Elite for a year and have yet to have any issues.

MS has made a mistake and they have already paid for it. They did the right thing and ensured a 3 year warrantee on any console that has the RROD.

RealityCheck3658d ago

This lawsuit will go nowhere. They waited all this time and their evidence is made or magazine articles?! Microsoft has become really really good at covering its tracks. They waited this long because they have no proof. Unless they get a subpoena for MS records (which are probably gone by now), they won't have any real evidence to back up this lawsuit. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get thrown out altogether.

AAACE53657d ago

I wish someone would have started one for the Ps2, cause then I wouldn't have had to buy 5 of them, my brother wouldn't have had to buy 4, my brother in law wouldn't have had to buy 8, and the countless others I have met who had to buy multiple Ps2's because of the Disc read error problem!

Well... I guess it doesn't matter... But I would like to see Sony try to get close to selling 100 million Ps3's now that they are so reliable, and don't give out like the Ps2's.

Mr Fancy Pants3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

AAACE5 you're either a liar or very stupid to keep buying something that brakes more than 3 times in a row.

BTW why is that bots are the only ones with such stories about having several broken PS2? so funny. they try to make the PS2 failure rate look as high as the failure rate of the X360. ;-)

X360 = most unreliable piece of hardware ever created.

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Makidian3658d ago

Actually this could end up being a much bigger case, and the three year warranty won't hold much ground. This will inevitably get picked up everywhere, so it is unlikely that it will get swept under the rug. Serves 'em right, Microsoft that is not the gamers affected by this, the whole thing is a sham. They should also force a disclosure on how many untis have went back through as sold that Microsoft so conviently puts in its numbers, interesting developments ahead people.

DavidMacDougall3658d ago

I hope everyone in California jumps in who was had a 360 RROD on them so they can get some money back

Johnny Rotten3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

wildfires now this :(

mohib-uddin79865323658d ago

I prayed to God that somethign that ruins Microsofts image will happen

Now i get this

now i will pray that Microsoft lose this and it get messy for them !

mohib-uddin79865323658d ago

hi i have just foudn an emial . from the gusy at calofnia. this is for the xbox rrod

Keith D. Cable, Esq.
101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100
Folsom, CA 95630
Tel. (916) 608-7995
[email protected]

email that guy in calrofina and tell them your stories about the rrod. and how it burnt down a mans house !

tell them. and tell them how it put your babaies life at risk if u have one.

also if you live in calrofina please definatley definatley tell them about your torubles by email or phone !

dotn let MS get away

Zerodin3658d ago

Hey stupid, what happens if Sony has no competition?

morganfell3658d ago

What do you think caused the wildfires in the first place.

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Heldrasil3658d ago

I found this and posted it earlier yesterday to the news tips section. They filed it in my home city and I have also contacted the attorney for myself after my 360 came under the "E74" error 1 month out of warranty (not covered by the extended 3 year). They are expanding the lawsuit to include "E74", Disc Scratches caused by fault drives, Live downtime and a few other common complaints. The attorney is quite a nice guy and will send you an intake form if you jump aboard.

Heldrasil3658d ago

what is there to disagree with here? Contact them yourself....

juuken3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

They don't believe you...o.o
There are still people who are in denial about the RROD. I hope this lawsuit forces Microsoft to make a much better product. This RROD is the reason why I stayed away from buying a 360, otherwise I would have had two consoles. :/