Playstation FW 2.50 : All the new enhancements

The official Playstation UK site has just updated, revealing the complete list of enhancements brought by the firmware 2.50

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ape0073708d ago

pretty good update

next time,add"join session in progress",cross game chating and"invite friends"

and thats it,psn>live if sony add these new things

strotee3708d ago

There's just no way a free service is better than a paid service, right?

I mean, there HAS to be a reason why people spent millions and millions of dollars on something Sony is now foolishly giving away, right?

Seriously, who would take free cable over paid cable? Free Internet over paid Internet? Free beer or paid beer? Free sex over paid sex?

All you morons out there getting to play games online for free are just cheap, admit it.

Live will always be better than PSN.

*nervous laugh*

tatical3708d ago

I've used both Xbox Live and PSN, I don't even know what the deference between the two is, besides money. I've never paid for Xbox Live (I used the free 30 that came with it though), it seems like a ripoff to me, at least when you compare it to PSN.

Venomish3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

you are cheap for not spending extra bucks to get a PS3.
ok lets look at your analogy
"Free sex over paid sex? "
xbox is paid sex, every time you want to have sex you have to pay, lame disgusting filthy and you might get AIDS
ps3 is like you get married to a girl and you can have free sex with her infinitely, safe and beautiful and meaningful

we invested our money in ps3 although a bit expensive, because it has the highest value. we were not cheap. we were smart.

and .. you were cheap for not getting the more expensive console, admit it.

smeg0rz3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I have to agree, i had 360 on launch, impressed by Live. Got my PS3 which Is my Primary console, but admitted that it was flawed compeared to xbox live, but I knew Sony would get there.

Now sony are just ripping live and adding the smooth Sony touch, Trophies for example > achievements, but it's not just that, the whole experience is smoother, not as cluncky, and too me the new xbox experience (looks good on paper) looks VERY clunky.

Everyone copies of each other at the end of the day, other people will think it's a big deal, I dont. I missed acheivements when I went over to PS3, but Sony have dealed with it well, and now apart from cross game features like chat and invites, it's better than Live in my opinion, including it's free.

You have to remember, things in life for free, don't mean they are worse, I've used countless freeware in my life, and not because I don't want to pay for an alternative, it's because it's usually better than the one that costs money.

jahcure3708d ago

HELL YEA, i have a brother networked wireless printer and I always wanted to be able to use it from my ps3 but only epson was supported. I just printed some screen shots from MGS4 to test out and gotta say i'm very pleased.

UltimateIdiot9113708d ago

I love your comparison, bubble for you.
Anyway, I'm digging the update on account management and the update on PSN signup/store loading.

I don't care too much for cross chat/invite since I'm fine with sending a message to join me in whatever game.

I do want .mkv. I can't stand these conversion and lost of quality on subtitles.

uie4rhig3708d ago

but overall IMO this is THE best firmware update besides the redesigned store..

and im not saying trophy update coz i mainly play CoD4 which doesn't have trophies.. the only trophies i have is from SSHD.. that's it..

M3 Superhero3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

With all those updates stated PLUS IN-GAME MUSIC.

strotee3707d ago

Apparently Sarcasm 101 is no longer being taught in school anymore; glad some of you picked up on it.

NegativeCreepWA3707d ago

PSN>Live Yeah right, I take it none of you played Socom today.

IdleLeeSiuLung3707d ago

unimpressed! MS is coming out with a revamp of the entire interface. Sony still lagging behind on many features the Xbox 360 has and now this.... adding a few small features and renaming stuff.

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juuken3708d ago

Best update by far.
The browser is much faster, and I love the shut-down controller thing.

Janitor3708d ago

Watching Me,Myself & Irene on PS3 right now,hells yeah I can has teh Hulu

crazy250003708d ago

I didnt get home in time to update yesterday and now im at work and will have to wait until later...

by the way, is the hd also good on hulu? no flickering or anything like that?

smeg0rz3708d ago


that's all I heard on my holiday to mexico from the American tourists, oh that and 'F*******K Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!


riderofpl4gues3708d ago

but they totally forget to mention the friends list update

Apocwhen3708d ago

It tells you how long your friends have been offline.

notpill3708d ago

they forget the screenshot feature too?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-D

It's Brilliant!!!;) Internet Browser seems much better;)
I still can't Log on to N4G via my PS3 tho??? Hmm WHY???
I don't want to start a War ;-D with N4G, but(Ooooops!!!)if the xBox 360 had a internet Browser i bet N4G would fall over themselves trying to find a way the xBox 360 Fans could Log on to N4G via their xBox 360's!!! :-/ Or maybe i'm wrong??? I haven't a clue how these internet thingys work!!! ;-D
If i am er Sorry N4G!!! ;-D

JohnnyChimpo3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

This firmware is sick, I can now burn divx movies and play them on my PS3, yay no more streaming with crappy Orb. Has anyone peeped " Life with Playstation " Unreal, very cool idea, love the way you can zoom in and out of a giant earth and see the news, temp, weather, etc. in different countries and continents. I swear this system just gets better with each new firmware, I can totally see a 10yr life span of the PS3 if they just keep upgrading it with firmware updates. Not to mention an updated Flash player! Thanks Sony!!!!!!!!!

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