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291d ago
Masterchief_thegoat291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Where kratos and master chief.. those two are way more popular than half the people on that list

TheOttomatic91291d ago

Oh boy the triggered SJWs aren't going to like this

InTheLab291d ago

Link literally has no personality...
Vaas? Has a few good lines
Hitman... my god for real?
Random guy from Dragon Age? No
Cloud? Really?
Snake is insultingly low on the list
What impact on gaming has any of the characters from twd have? One game and he is that high on the list?
Dude from SotC... the Colossi themselves are the stars of that game.

This list is awful
Drake is far too low for the influence the character has had on gaming
No Kratos
No Dante of Devil May Cry
No Master Chief
Even Mario is more iconic than Link

My list...

1. Solid Snake
2. Nathan Drake
3. Geralt of Rivia
4. Kratos
5. Master Chief
6. Dante
7. Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil
8. Ezio
9.Mario Mario
10. Batman (arkham series)

I know these things are personal but come on... Vaas?

DarXyde291d ago

Ezio.... really? No Kratos? Geralt? Dante or Vergil? Heck, no Joel?

And Big Boss is way more awesome than Solid Snake.