Is this the Best Weapon of All Time? - Sniper Rifles

Gameplayer is taking a look at the greatest weapons of all time and has gone live with an exploration of the legendary Sniper Rifle. It looks at the best in the business, the history of the weapon and offers tactics on how to best play using the sniper rifle.

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SlappingOysters3658d ago

Spawn campers in Battlefield and orp masters in CS kind of ruined the sniper rifle for me.

trancefreak3657d ago

I agree with that man it takes the fun from the game getting killed instantly respawning.

I like being a sniper though but it suks in battlefield bad co where your team will spawn with you and noobs will start firing next to you giving your position away. Or they expose you just by respawning next to you.

Overall sniping is cool if you get into a good position for awhile and you can really soften the enemies up for your advancing team.

PimpHandStrong3657d ago

throw smoke and find a spot near by to shot from.

use the smoke for cover and do not move from your spawn till u get that guy

then if your good enough

pay back can be alot of fun!

SH3MRON3657d ago

You could see thru walls and kill anyone behind cover was pretty sweet. And all the techniques work well in a halo type shooter but not in a cod type cause no scoping in cod will get you killed more times than you kill. Its not like halo where you can no scope people from the other side of the map since the dot is very precise.

Fishy Fingers3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Halos sniper rifle has always annoyed me. When your not scoped you shouldn't have a crosshair. That's how most games try and keep the Rifles balanced.

UT is the same, I don't know anyone who even uses the scope because you might as well use the normal crosshair.

-GametimeUK-3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Dont you like Warhawks sniper rifle?
I like it for lining up no scopes

@ fishy

its a white dot in the center of the screen which changes to red when you are aiming at your enemy... Plus its 1 hit kill...

Fishy Fingers3657d ago

Does Warhawk have a crosshair when unscoped? I honestly cant remember.

My problem with it is that to keep the sniper rifles balanced most games force you to use the scope to reduce your peripheral vision, if they offer a crosshair as well you basically have a single shot gun with amazing power and accuracy from the hip.

It's far more satisfying getting someone no scope when there is no crosshair, simply lining up your victim with the centre of your screen. Well I think so anyway.

Barbapapa1233657d ago

there is a tiny dot in warhawk but every thing moves to fast to aim properly.

Mozilla893657d ago

I never though of it like that before but now that you guys mentioned it, you're right. lol I never use the scope in UT and sometimes in Halo but my most memorable kill in halo was a no scope.

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-GametimeUK-3657d ago

But its your opinion so have a bubble

Killjoy30003657d ago

Since the Mosin Nagant was wielded by The End, I agree. The Killzone 2 sniper rifle will be the best Sniper Rifle ever.

TheColbertinator3657d ago


Infidel? Dragunov is USSR creations there

Killjoy30003657d ago

So is the Mosin Nagant. So, even if infadels were Russian in his perspective, he'd be severely contradicting himself.

Dark General3657d ago

I love the Mosin Nagat. Best part in MGO is popping someone with one of those then setting up mags all around them for when they wake up.

socomnick3657d ago

Both of you guys fail. Neither the Mosin Nagant nor the Dragonav are dedicated sniper rifles.

M40s, m24s and artic warfare magnums are.

nizza3657d ago

I love the Mosin Nagant. <3

It's great fun in MGS4 rather than MGO as you get to use the emotion rounds. Shooting some guy on his foot with a laugh round so he stands up out of cover and gets owned by the militia is my fave part of it.

For the MGO snipers out there:


Killjoy30003657d ago

You're the one that fails, because you've never played a Metal Gear game so you don't know how iconic those guns are in that universe.

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rev203657d ago

My personal favourite game for sniping was Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault on the pc was awesome :D

I prefer games where you can run and gun with the sniper rather then the ones that focus on realism when sniping ;)

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