Konami's MGS4 on Xbox 360 explained

The end of the third party exclusive game? OXM and PSM3 editors give their opinion on the increasing likelihood of Metal Gear Solid 4 heading to the Xbox 360 sometime soon.

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Silogon3658d ago

I don't see how it can, but stranger things have happened. 50gb of data opposed to 7 gb of data??? That's a lot of disc, even with compression, guys.

I see a huge Downloaded chunk for the xbox360 maybe. Well, I don't even know that, I kind of don't see this happening but it could. As I said, stranger things have happened.

Sony needs to invest more on internal development and then, in turn, with 3rd parties to ensure their games look better than the xbox 360's versions and have more options. All there is to it, cause no one is going to justify a 200 and 300 dollar mark up to buy a Ps3 over a xbox 360 if they have the same games and more importantly, if they look better on the lesser system.

Capt CHAOS3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

And just how big are the PC game installs? You DON'T need 50gb unless you want to fill the media with film footage.

We'll prob not see the video footage at the same quality, which for me is no big deal as I usually go make a cup of tea or skip it at that point..

LinuxGuru3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

He keeps referring to 50GB because that's how large MGS4 is.

And unless you want like.....320 x 240 video cutscenes and super-low res textures.....that 50GB game size will remain the same and you'll see at least 6 disks, with the likelihood of installs.

@ below


Just so I can refine my argument more, lol....maybe only 4 or 5 disks will be needed, haha

N4PS3G3658d ago

its pretty big ..but mgs4 its not 50GB

LastDance3658d ago

why is there even an argument was clearly explained that mgs4 is 50 gig. kojima even had to cut down on some things.

bumnut3658d ago

it may be 50gig, but if you cut out the cutscenes it would fit on a 3.5" floppy disk.

that was a joke.

Alvadr3658d ago

Meh, 360 owners can have it. Weve played it, completed it and got the Tshirt months ago.

I would like to see some of the die hard 360 owners suddenly turn around and say how much they love they are getting this game, when a few months earlier they were moaning and saying 'I dont want this game, its just a movie!! waaa!'


r3xmund13658d ago

I have read counter stories all day, I think the media would have to be severly gimped to fit onto a disc... and it's not just the video the graphics and gameplay elements are the same...

If it did come for the 360 then what does that mean for PS3?!?! - Nothing really PS3 owners got to play it first and better

All this banter is stupid, if it comes there is nothing these or any othe forum can do about it, I just hope M$ stop buying up all the exclusive DLC, even though I have 2 360's and a ps3 I still think its a little bullish

But whatever I play whatever its released on


Sarcasm3658d ago

MGS4's cutscenes are all in-game rendered by the PS3. So how in the world are you going to make the cutscenes lower resolution?

Some of you guys have never ever played a MGS game have you? Every single Metal Gear since the PS1 used real time cutscenes.

Why o why3658d ago

MS or this '3rd part' had black hole compression techniques

ape0073658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

guys just think,without fanboyism

am sure 100% that a substance like version of mgs4 will release on 360,you can quote me on that

cause indeed konami want to increase their profet and tbh it will sell on 360 more than ps3

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR ME AS A GAMER is that I want every game to take full advantage of ps3's blu-ray and cell processor,then port it to 360 no problem at all,not restrain it like in gta 4

I know I will get tons of disagrees and shut user up but remember that this move is good for konami

SWORDF1SH3658d ago

other mgs games have gone to the xbox so it could happen. but i thought phil harrison said they paid for exclusivity. maybe it was timed. anyway if sony want full exclusivity then its gonna cost them. maybe sony should think about at least protectin a few big games. i kno sony are concentratin on 1st party games but they should of protected gta,ff and now they should protect mgs.

god_o_war3658d ago

wat about those end of acts install how r they gonna fix that plus with the i think 4 gb install ?? loading times textures and mutiple discs would be a problem right?

3658d ago
morganfell3658d ago

Sorry Captain Chaos but you are completely in the dark. MGS4 cutscenes are not captured video. They occur in real time. You don't have 40 GB of space taken up with stored video.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Then why did Kojima said there wasn't enough space on the 50GB blu-ray discs?

Blu-ray too Small for Metal Gear Solid 4 HTML:

The reason why it was even possible on the original XBOX was because of the disc format. The original XBOX was better technically, but due to disc space what's really the difference? A 8.54GB GTA (PS2) is a 8.54GB GTA (XBOX). I'm waiting to see how Final Fantasy XIII will do on the XBOX 360 if they use the full disc 50GB on the PlayStation 3. id has already been reaching problems with the disc space on the XBOX 360 (8.54GB) and had to cut some things out.

For better understanding in GTA: Vice City each time you enter in a new city would be an XBOX 360 owner changing discs, while PlayStation 3 owners don't get that.

kwicksandz3658d ago

What was the time gap between mgs2 and mgs2 substance and mgs3 and mgs3 subsistence?

I fully expect the previously announced mgs existence to be a mgs4 port with more features on 360 but i wonder how long it will take for them to release it.MGO might even take off on 360, i know alot of users ignored it because of the hurdles you had to jump thru just to play it on PS3.

Ju3658d ago

You know, the thing with even 30GB is, it fits on a 50GB disk, while it still doesn't fit on DVD.

DRUDOG3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Those hurdles weren't because of the PS3 or any decision on Sony's part. That was purely Konami and their ridiculous belief that all Konami games with online functionality would be linked together through your "Konami ID".

Quote from Kojima:

"Honestly, officially, I can't say anything on Konami ID and Game ID. It's a company policy. But frankly speaking, the idea wasn't a very good one. The fact is that Konami's direction was that we create a Game ID and Konami ID for the online components, and now we're seeing that it's not working so well, and we have to think about how to turn it around. It was a concept of an online Konami group thinking, so there's not much I could do at the time."

You can read more here:

Kojima also talks about how most of the team is just coming back from vacation and there's that little issue of Ryan Payton moving on to MS. So even if (gigantic IF) MGS4 were to ever see the light of day on the 360 it won't happen for a long time. Consider all the extra stuff in the game (e.g. "only on PS3" or actual PS3s and iPods), besides the size of it, and you can see that it would take a great deal of work to accomplish.

JsonHenry3658d ago

Pfft. This "game" (a CGI movie with a few interactive parts) was a waste of my time.

But I certainly have no problems with the 360 getting it. With fewer and fewer exclusives it will force hardware manufacturers to compete with each other on the hardware front. Better graphics, better functionality, better controls, better online services.. We as gamers would only win if exclusives fell by the wayside.

DaTruth3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

That actually sounds pretty ridiculous considering that all the exclusive games are the best games, especially graphically. With exclusivity gone, we could all look forward to mediocre gaming and mediocre graphics forever. The death of console gaming!!!

@Ape007: You're exactly right; Once they make full use of the PS3 power and I'm satisfied they've done that, I don't care what goes where.

IaMs123657d ago

Someone stated earlier on the site that each act could have there own disc, which is a great idea, will cut down on "install times" like the PS3 has and be able to keep a higher quality game then it would be on 3 discs or so..

LJWooly3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Well, I don't know about you lot, but I want it to go over to the 360... the franchise deserves to be as successful as possible, right? So, I don't see where the harm comes from in allowing even more gamers to enjoy it. It's not like the PS3 version is ever going to suffer if it gets ported to the 360... if anything, it's the other way round.

And yes, I own (and thoroughly enjoy) the game on PS3. I'm just saying.

3657d ago
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P4KY B3658d ago

Just give us 360 gamers something new instead.

Calcio3658d ago

Isn't Bioshock on ps3 not doing as well as projected? That might suggest that gamers aren't that impressed with getting a port 6 months late because of deals.

Asurastrike3658d ago


How does a game that doesn't come out for a week not do as well as projected?

ExcelKnight3658d ago

We won't really know until Bioshock actually comes out, but considering how the game is already on 360 and PC, don't expect big sales from people who already have either on top of their PS3.

The biggest problems we've been hearing about Bioshock is the horrendous textures on one particular Big Daddy in the demo.

jtucker783658d ago

The problem with Bioshock is not that people don't want it.
The problem is that it is coming out along side Resistance 2, LBP, Fallout 3, Dead Space etc. etc.

Bioshock is a great game but it isn't that hyped because it is over a year old and there are loads of great games coming out at the same time. New games.

This is a bad time to release a game because of all the competition.

tatical3658d ago

I download the demo two weeks ago, I installed, played, & deleted it just yesterday. It was OK I guess. But times are hard and I've got to make smarter game purchases. I still have a few games that I have to beat so I only plan on buying LBP & SSF2HDR, unless there's a sale or something.

Pain703658d ago

I probably would have bought if released at the same time as the others, but it felt old to me when it was released for the xbox. Never have played it. Probably never will. Would be the same for MGS. For me, part of the purchase is the hype of not knowing whats in the game. Not really knowing about the game until I play it the same time as everyone else. Hate spoilers.

IaMs123657d ago

That maybe true but MGS4 is ONLY On the PS3 atm, bioshock has Xbox360 and a PC which covers a pretty freaking lot of people if you ask me. And a lot of people who do not own 360 go over peoples houses and play with their friend which i know many have done with Bioshock. But MGS4 would sell well, its a good game and i would buy it on the 360. IF not all well i can get over it. I know i have bashed it before about long cutscenes i rather play then watch and i still stand by that. You all know if Halo came out on PS3, the PS3 owners would no longer bash the series.

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N4PS3G3658d ago

The PS3 can't catch a break

LinuxGuru3658d ago

It caught a break with LBP, and will continue to catch a break with every exclusive that won't be going to another console.

There's plenty of those, believe me.

Asurastrike3658d ago

LittleBigPlanet comes out in 6 days, I think that is pretty significant. Honestly who cares if MGS4 comes out on 360? I played it months ago, I'm not losing anything.

Daishi3658d ago

Fable 2, LBP, and Farcry 2 all on the same day.... Uhg, gotta break out the credit card....

xhi43658d ago

Patcher AND Kojima have stated many times that it is PS3 exclusive, that Blu-Ray is the only media that can hold it, that Kojima is a perfectionist and he will not let EVER ever everrrr his 50 GB of beautiful game (which even he said wasn't enough for his vision of perfectionism) onto a 7 GB DVD....

They've designed everyy aspect of MGS4 around the PS3's cell, Blu-ray, controls and such.

Patcher stated in that interview that was at temp 1080 on N4G that it will never appear on the 360 as it is only possible with Blu-Ray storage...

Finally, think rationally, if in ANYYYYYY way KOJIMA's game is not as good as the PS3 version, he will NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT develop it on the 360, and imagine that, he wants to get away from the franchise himself, and if they port it he will never allow it because the perfectionist he is will want, no NEED to make sure it is at the same level (which isn't possible without 7 cores and 50 GB of storage), and then they'd have to re-edit a lottt of content because there are a TON of jokes and jibes about the 'other' system in the game.

Unless Kojima dies or changes, I'd bet my left nut it won't come out on the 360. Konami wants it on the 360, but Kojima Productions have the final word.

and that's the way the cookie crumbles...........

Jamegohanssj53658d ago

This pretty much sums it up. War Over and bubbles to you.


thereapersson3658d ago

Unfortunately, it will not end there. I wish it would, though...

poeo3658d ago

actually i dont think there were ANY jokes about the xbox 360 in MGS4... the Otacon joke about disc-swapping was in reference to the original MGS, im pretty sure.

3658d ago
SkyGamer3658d ago

That is one power pc chip with 6 spe's. The cell is still a SINGLE CORE processor. The X360 has three individual power pc cores that multi-thread so it has 6 threads to process data.

iownbothps3603658d ago

yhea but they also said that ff13 couldn't be done on 360 as well but whats happening. besides look at star ocean 4 i bet u thought that couldn't be done on 360. look at nija blade and wait til u see the alan wake trailer, whichn is all in game.

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LinuxGuru3658d ago

Yeah and how is this "Konami's" MGS4?

Doesn't the game belong to the devs? lol

The title should read "Kojima Productions'" MGS4 etc. etc.

rogimusprime3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

this game was too full of cutscenes and only enjoyable for sony fanboys.

Why would people who only have an xbox 360 want to play a game like that?

You couldn't have just been lying through your teeth and jealous the whole time right?

If you want to play, go get a godd*mn ps3 already. Or borrow it from a friend. That's what i did with the wii. There's no way I would own one, but I really wanted to play metroid prime and zelda so I just borrowed it.

LastDance3658d ago

lol........Yeah bro......:S

SeanScythe3658d ago

Just to humor 360 fans if it did come to the system it wouldn't be MGS4 it would be MGWD4:360 or Metal Gear Watered Down4: 360. Because to get it to fit on enough disc they would have to water down the game to fit just the game play let alone the ingame cust scenes.

The game is huge and to make if fit on 2 disc it would be nothing like the game we have for the PS3.