MSI Reveals New Gaming Laptops Powered By I9 Processors

It will be interesting to see how they look and perform in person at PAX East to have a look at the new units. MSI has revealed new gaming laptops powered by the I9 processor to take mobile PC gaming to a new level of performance.

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Cyborgg197d ago

Interesting but probably expensive

frostwhale197d ago

yeah the real question isn't how good they are, there are lots of good gaming laptops, but how much they charge for the quality.

Garethvk197d ago

That is true. We did a review of an Acer unit, said to be the top gaming laptop and had a price around 2500. It could not even handle Fallout 4 as it was slow, graphical tearing, etc. I figured for that price I could build 2 high end Desktop PC units.

lokirevamped197d ago

Take out the words PROBABLY. I'm curious though, I could use a new gaming laptop, looking to replace my Alienware 17R4 or give it to my son.

Garethvk197d ago

You can bet they will not be cheap.

ccgr197d ago

Nice, I'm happy with my current MSI laptop