My other love affair with Pokémon…

Hi all! Here is an Article I wrote about my history with Pokemon which no doubt Is a lot of Pokéfans shared history and awesome memories.

Hope you enjoy the read x

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JLynn943196d ago

I enjoyed the read! I started with Red/Blue, too, and am the same age. Pokemon was everything, and I still love it. I've played each mainline iteration (except HeartGold/SoulSilver, which I'm still kicking myself for skipping), the Pokemon Stadium games, Pokemon Snap, Hey You Pikachu, etc. Of course collected the cards. When Pokemon Go came out and everyone was obsessed again, that was a blast. Can't imagine myself ever not loving the series!

DeeJayChrisEdiT191d ago

I Also Enjoyed Reading it too I can relate to a lot beside the TCG As I was never into the cards like that. But pokemon since the beginning was amazing. I hope the switch version bring that nostalgia feeling but for this modern day. If they remake something like that in RPG form I'd be feeling like a kid again lol. My favorite was Blue then yellow. Once 2nd gen came I loved silver till crystal came and so on. My least favorite tho is black and white series it wasn't much that I liked but after that everything got better.