Did Square Enix Make a Mistake by Not Localizing Dragon Quest XI for the 3DS?

Dragon Quest XI has finally been announced for America! But wait, it's not coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Is Square Enix making a mistake?

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TheColbertinator198d ago

I believe so. The point is to expand the popularity of DQ not drown it.

porkChop198d ago

I'm guessing the 3DS market in the West isn't so hot right now with a lot of gamers moving to or planning to move to the Switch. It might not be financially viable for them to localize and release it.

DJK1NG_Gaming198d ago

Yes but considering they never localize any of their own games in the west on Nintendo platform if it not Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Tokyo RPG Factory game they don't bother with the Nintendo version.

Nintendo localized every Dragon Quest games on their system that came out in the west.

MrSwankSinatra198d ago

very, all the other dragon quests are on the ds or 3ds except 10, they should've ported this one too.

PhoenixUp198d ago

I can’t see why they wouldn’t. After putting in so much effort in making the unique 3DS version they might as well have localized it as well.

moegooner88198d ago

Most of SE decisions this gen have been perplexing to say the least, so can’t say I am surprised.

Fist4achin198d ago

SE or nintendo?! I feel a sense from nintendo to let the 3ds wither away.

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The story is too old to be commented.