God of War Will Be Sony Santa Monica’s Ticket Into The Upper Echelon of Development Studios

Clear signs that the God of War developer's latest game will pull them into the A-League

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FallenAngel19841890d ago

What’s this author smoking?

Santa Monica Studio is already in the A-tier of developers. Not only do they produce a very successful franchise, they’ve helped a lot of other Sony developers with their projects on the side.

brettbatley1890d ago

My take on the article is that the author acknowledges that Sony Santa Monica are a quality Dev team but aren't in the discussion of "best developers" just yet. If someone asked me who the best dev teams are I'd say Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Nintendo, From Software and Blizzard. There's a few more I'd say before I'd think to say SSM. Maybe that's just me though.

But I get what the article is trying to say.

_-EDMIX-_1890d ago

That simply means that's just you you might have some favorites and that's completely fine but that doesn't actually discredit this development team in any way shape or form.

I mean you're talking about a development team that helps other development teams.... so at any one time this team is literally working on like five other projects to help the technical aspects of other Sony Computer Entertainment Games so when you're done playing some of their games look at the credits and you might see this team credited for assisting and either creating the engine or assisting in somewhere in the development.

nucky641890d ago

as far as coming up in conversation, I'd think of SSM much quicker than blizzard - actually, I agree with your list except for blizzard - take them out and add SSM to the list.

joab7771890d ago

I’d say you forgot Bethesda. But good list.

brettbatley1890d ago

Blizzard have achieved a lot more in recent years than SSM. Plus they have an uncanny ability to give their games years and years of replayability.

I'd have Square, Bethesda, maybe Capcom above SSM off the top of my head.

CDPR are definitely a great outfit, but their games are good at best until TW3.

roadkillers1890d ago

No, Blizzard deserves to be on that list.I do not play many of their games, but each of their games have a community that lasts decades. Every game they have ever released has been GotY candidate.

rainslacker1889d ago

They've been talked about like that by PS gamers for a long time now.

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FallenAngel19841890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

@ bret

I don’t see why Santa Monica Studio wouldn’t be thought highly of as one of the most competent teams in this industry.

God of War - 94 on Metacritic
God of War 2 - 93 on Metacritic
God of War 3 - 92 on Metacritic
God of War: Ascension - 80 on Metacritic

That doesn’t even mention the numerous collaborations they’ve worked on over the years.

This developer has made it big since 13 years ago. This article is 13 years too late to even be considered relevant.

If the author doesn’t see how the God of War series has already put this developer in the upper echelon, I don’t see how he/she thinks God of War 4 has a chance at doing so.

brettbatley1890d ago

@ fallen angel

I think SSM is a great dev team, and I think everyone here knows and agrees with this.

It's just my opinion that they wouldn't be one of the first names to come up in conversation about the best developers.

You may think they are and that's fine because it's subjective. But for me I don't think they would be in the top 10. Maybe 11-15.

FallenAngel19841890d ago

Even if you personally don’t think of Santa Monica Studio as a top tier developer, why would you, the author, or anybody somehow think God of War 4 would somehow make it one?

The logic makes absolutely no sense. This article’s basic premise falls apart in so many regards.

Si-Fly1890d ago

Looks like they’re getting worse with age ...

P_Bomb1890d ago

Article reads like he only started gaming recently. GOW was already a critical and commercial hit for the studio 13 years ago. All three main titles cracked 90% averages. You can’t ask for more.

Article really buffs up ND while seemingly unaware of Polyphony Digital, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule etc who have also had hits dating back through various hardwares. Or that GG was good before Horizon. KZ2 is still rated higher on meta.

These are all vets, not rook’s.

rainslacker1889d ago

They're also part of ICE team for Sony. ICE team makes the tools, API's, SDK's for developers to use to make their games.

ICE team is actually based out of SSM studios. Others in that group include Naughty Dog, Japan Studios, and Guerrilla Games.

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BlackTar1871890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I agree with Bret

They are great but really I know how a number of great devs and a handful of tier 1 devs.

I think we're all saying they a great dev though. I personally pur rockstar and naughty dog far above anyone else just do to the range of titles and the work of art each one was.
I put from software pretty close up there.

AspiringProGenji1890d ago

Makes sense. I actually never thought of it this way, but personally SSM has always been on my lists of best devs. Thy are indeed not heard as much as other devs are for some reason

1890d ago
joab7771890d ago

They’ve been there for a LONG time. Does this simply help to solidify and prove their ability to remain at the top? Sure! But c’mon!

Aceman181890d ago

Stupid article is stupid, they've created one of the top franchises in the industry they don't need to prove themselves to anyone.

Cryptcuzz1890d ago

Author is clearly out of touch with the topic if they believe SSM was not considered an "A-team" before.

Did the author knew how successful the God of War franchise has been since the PS2 days? The trailers for their games has been always been considered one of, if not the most watched video game trailers too.

Their games has been selling millions per release since two generations ago. So idk what the author is doing with this article. It really all leads me to believe said author must have been gaming relatively recently.

I mean SSM is even part of the Sony Ice Team, where they contribute tech, knowledge, aid in development, etc. across their other smaller game studios and partners.

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lociefer1890d ago

lol what ? the're only competing with themselves to be honest, they are way beyond anything out there, well , them and naughty dogs, and guerilla

MarineLineman1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Can’t wait to see Ghost is action so we can see SP join the upper tier.

KwietStorm_BLM1890d ago

So basically anything PlayStation then. They're "way beyond" Rockstar, CD Projekt Red, From Software, and Square?

AlphaCentyros1890d ago

He just gave a few examples bro.

lociefer1890d ago

Calm ur mammaries, they were examples

thejigisup1890d ago

Squaresoft or square-enix, bc that's very debatable too.

KwietStorm_BLM1890d ago

You didn't answer the question.

thejigisup1890d ago

He can't, cdpr and rockstar are also up in god tier. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume he's only got a PlayStation so those just immediately came to mind.

lociefer1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

ummm, i did ?

''Calm ur mammaries, they were examples''

and no, i have a switch , gaming pc, and ps4. I play games not consoles

AspiringProGenji1890d ago

Sony Santa Monica has been S tier already! Achieving 60 fps on the Ps3 with those graphics and deflection in GoW 3, their endless imagination when it comes to set pieces and enemy design... they are the prodigy son of the Sony family. Get with the program author.

SuperSaiyanGod411890d ago

Agreed and when god of war first came out it was the first to take the genre in that direction, there was nothing like it. I love how they are refreshing the series by adding a deep story to it about a new direction in kratos is journey and building a bond. Game is going to be amazing.

chrisx1890d ago

this is the gaming journalism of today. pathetic really.