PSP games compared on the new and the old PSP

Someone took some shots of the game Ratchet and Clank: Size matters and compared this game on the PSP 2000 and the PSP 3000.

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dale13681d ago

i have this 3000 model on order better screen for my sat nav,camera and play tv

LiquifiedArt3681d ago

Tremendous LCD quality difference. I may have to shell out the $$$ for it.

Main_Street_Saint3681d ago

I also noticed that the colors are much more saturated and even though the camera's focus isn't that sharp I did notice the slightly better details. If sony can keep up what they doing and having the price at a good level like they are, even I might end up saving up and buying one.

DARKKNIGHT3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

yeah i saw someone with it yesterday...And like I said last night:

THE SCREEN ALONE makes this new psp worth the money....You can actually use it out in the sun now!!

i think they are using those Megabright screens they use on the vaios.
I love those screens, the blacks and colors POP of the screen.

I really enjoy watching what sony is doing to the pisp. i may be forced to give my slim to my little cuz to buy one of these beauties

Masta_fro3681d ago

I got mine today, well not mine, bought it for my gf...Tremendous and i mean tremendous lcd already selling my slim just because it is vastly inferior.

Have you ever bought something for someone and realize its cooler than the one you have and actually think about giving them yours?...yea

DJ3681d ago

No reason to mess around with the PS Phat any longer. That's just an immense difference in picture quality.

Kingsora3681d ago

It's start to itch to get a sceond PSP...

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The story is too old to be commented.