No Man's Sky Launch Price Listed As $49.99 For Xbox One

No Man's Sky will be finally coming out for the Xbox One after launching as a PS4 console exclusive along with PC. This release was a surprise however the release of No Man's Sky has been rather rocky with lack of content at launch.

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joab777252d ago

It’s MORE than worth $50 now! I’ve logged over 100 hrs and still have so much to do. It’s crafting is endless, they have consistently updated it for FREE, and have a ton to come!

It’s an amazing game, and an amazing feat! Remember, it was four people who made this thing.

Yohshida252d ago

oh they updated it for free after releasing a full price title with less than half of what they told people would be in the game. GOOD JOB

UltraNova251d ago

VideoGameLab: Making amends is strictly forbidden!!! Aaarrrggggg

Dude...get a grip.

_-EDMIX-_252d ago

Yeah I don't really think this game should be 49.99 coming out for Xbox one I mean I feel 29.99 would have been fair and respectable

Retroman251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

More like 9.99

letsa_go251d ago

@GT67 I think I paid $11 for my ps4 copy, but I still haven't even played it. Sounds like it is finally worth installing though.

_-EDMIX-_251d ago

lol 😂😂😂 28514;

I purchased the game full price and it was one of the few times I've ever returned a video game because Amazon sent an email to all the users giving the okay for a refund based on the questionable marketing lol

I still ended up putting about 70 hours into the game and feel I got my money's worth but I definitely feel that the team should have been upfront about its development if anything they could have just simply said it was an online title that was going to be getting content going forward as opposed to being coy.

So I believe based on the quality of the game itself it really should just be 29.99, but I actually only believe that based on how old the game is I personally believe that if the game actually launched with all the content that there is right now I believe it really would warrant the full price on launch day.

I'm hearing that there's Base building and they fixed all these different issues with the game. So if the game really released that way launch day I believe it's fair to really charge full price for a team really trying something brand new but I cannot agree with them lying to customers. Gamers are way more forgiving than I think Publishers sometimes give them credit for I don't really think lots of people would have been that mad if they just been completely upfront.


I bought it on Pro, had fun with it for about 2 weeks but got old quick. I don't care if its 4k 60fps on X, Im not buying it again lol

gamingunited251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Yes xbox owners show them by not buying it.

It'll just be another game that sells far better on PS4 making xbox even less relevant.

subtenko251d ago

Still more value than Sea of Theives

lxeasy251d ago

I'll just wait for this to be on Xbox Gamepass, I'm not paying 50$ for this.

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Derceto252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

You must've mis-typed $4.99? I find even that to be asking too much.

darthv72252d ago

no... they put the $ is the wrong spot. They meant to type it like:

NMS 4 $9.99

IamTylerDurden1252d ago

The game was very overpriced at launch, but it is absolutely worth $49.99 now with all the content and upgrade. I don't understand how certain people can think No Man's Sky releasing for $50 on XB1 is too much yet defend Sea of Thieves and it's outrageous $60 price tag?

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spambot0815252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

wrong again, the correct price is of course 4999$. 499$ game value and +1000% tax for playing it in the wrong console universe. ;-)

Hungryalpaca251d ago

That really wasn’t funny. Stick to your day job.

-Foxtrot252d ago

Well people did just pay full price for Sea of Thieves so maybe they thought they'd try their luck

showtimefolks252d ago

NMS is a much better experience now than SOT. And another big update is coming to NMS

NMS at its max capacity had 15 people and not a huge budget yet rare is over 75 people and backing of one of the biggest companies

UnHoly_One252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Who cares how many people worked on a game or how big the budget was?

When you are playing God of War and you're thinking to yourself "This game is awesome, I think I like it more than Horizon: Zero Dawn", are you going to stop to do some research and determine which one had a bigger team and budget, so you can do some calculations and then decide which one is a better game?

Or are you just going to play it and enjoy it and not think about anything like that because none of it matters?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Suave_Langosta252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


I think you missed his point, I get what your saying, but still NMS kills SOT (not saying much, but still).

SOT has potential, but for 75 people to think the game was ready is sad. The game is fun, but shallow.

NMS was fun and shallow, but the small team has not given up, even after the onslaught they endured on release.

neutralgamer1992252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

NMS is a much better game now

butchertroll252d ago

Around 150 people worked on Sea Of Thieves. Maybe half a year before launch number of people jumped over 200. On No Mans Sky worked around 8 people, also before launch it was around 15.

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Sm00thNinja252d ago

Game is a lot more complete since it's initial launch. It's almost a different game coupled with the NEXT update its a little too soon to say it won't be worth the asking price.

showtimefolks252d ago

I agree I see atleast few more big updates

Sm00thNinja252d ago

I imagine the NEXT update will bring multiplayer but it must be big enough to be described as a NEXT update! 50 bucks with Xbox One X support should be well worth the asking price I had a lot of fun with this game at launch I imagine it's a different game completely now

sprinterboy252d ago

I think I read psvr is getting support also unless I dreamt it

crazyCoconuts252d ago

I think it's definitely worth that price even in its current state. Lots of things to do, lots of hours of pretty interesting gameplay. And a totally unique experience.

Suave_Langosta252d ago

Agreed, I played about 50 hrs at launch and got too busy with work and university, but school is lightening up so I may double dip for xbone copy.

zarbor251d ago

Game clearly is not worth $49.99 and it easy to say because the game isn't as good as Elite Dangerous and that game is now $15.00 dollars. I think you can get Horizon for $29.99 which combined is a much better game than No Man Sky.

No worries since at this point its easy to wait for a price drop. I once was excited for this title but not anymore. No way I pay more than $30 for this title. Could probably get it on my PS4 for dirt now

Sm00thNinja251d ago

What are you smoking? Did you really just say combined is a much better game??? Two COMPLETELY different games?! No Man's Sky is a completely different game than it once was, hell even down to the graphics. Titled with this NEXT update you have no idea what it does. Hell it could fullfil your crazy fantasy and transform the whole f****** game into Horizon.

You're making a quick judgement call.... Isn't as good as Elite Dangerous??? Half the people here would argue Horizon isn't as good as Zelda but I'd argue they're both worth 50 dollars.

zarbor250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

I love when people make fools of themselves. Sm00thNinja, let me help you out since you have no idea. Obviously you haven't played Elite Dangerous otherwise you would know that Horizon is the add-on to Elite Dangerous to do planetary missions.

You seem to be bat-sh** confused with Horizon Zero Dawn which is a complete different game genre. I've played No Man Sky and yes it is a matter of opinion but majority of the reviews have stated Elite is a better game that is constantly evolving way more than NMS. Nevertheless, even if one doesn't think Elite is better, the price is waaay cheaper alternative and more worthy for the price of admission. If you only have an XB1, this is a no brainer.

Whatever dude. To each his own. You like NMS, great, I like Elite Dangerous.....but neither of them should be $50 now update and all. That's the point.

Ethereal252d ago

Super intrigued to see what the NEXT update is going to contain. Hopefully it's huge considering the price point. Perhaps they are confident that will address the issues?

PhantomS42252d ago

perhaps it will be the game the promised and still have not delivered.

isa_scout252d ago

The game actually has more now than what was initially promised. Hello Games no doubt screwed up but at some point people need to acknowledge that they've won back gamers trust. Every single dev or publisher has screwed up before. If you acted that way about every dev guilty of something foul you'd have no games left to play.