Detroit Become Human Pre-order Bonus Confirmed; PS4 Pro Boosted

With a decent budget of 30 million, Detroit Become Human is expected to look great. The sci-fi adventure is due for release on the 25 May, 2018. Pre-order Detroit Become Human and you’ll get a host of goodies.

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Neonridr1342d ago

Nice that you get a copy of Heavy Rain with a preorder. I never played that game, so might be a nice incentive for me to preorder.

OB1Biker1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Yea the offer has been up for a while. You get to download the game and play straightaway. I've finished it and I don't regret buying this.
BTW when you play you'll understand the journalists pretend outrage is a joke.

InactiveUser1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Heavy Rain PS4 version should've included The Taxidermist.. Detroit should have the Kara tech demo video as a bonus feature, unless it's already part of the game.

Sono4211341d ago

No you are reading this wrong, you don't get Heavy Rain just for Pre ordering, you get it with the Deluxe Edition, this doesn't say what you get for pre ordering.

Neonridr1341d ago

fair enough, thank you for clarifying. It's not a preorder bonus, it just comes with the deluxe digital edition.

Obscure_Observer1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

"Many retailers are offering a dynamic PS4 theme and a digital soundtrack, while the Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

Heavy Rain for PS4
The Art of Detroit: Become Human (digital art book)
Digital Deluxe Soundtrack
2 Dynamic PS4 Themes
10 PS4 avatars"

Wow, that´s a very nice package! And the game will run at Checkerboard 4K, solid 30fps and HDR! Great support from QD and awesome news for PS4 Pro owners!

Aceman181341d ago

Are they not gonna offer this edition in physical form? I've been checking Amazon every day and nothing on it 😢

FullmetalRoyale1341d ago

I’ve been trying to get my friend to play Heavy Rain for years, ever since I first played it. He liked TWD season one, and Life is Strange, so hopefully this will seal the deal.

thejigisup1341d ago


FullmetalRoyale1341d ago

No. That’s ridiculous...

His name is Shaun.

G20WLY1341d ago

This game already looks beautiful, but if they want to Pro it up, I'm okay with that 🙂

MegamanXXX1341d ago

It's great to be a PS4 owner

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The story is too old to be commented.