Is Nintendo Italy Teasing a New Donkey Kong Game?

The Donkey Kong series is in fairly good shape right now—Donkey Kong Country Returns did great when it launched on the Wii (and later on the 3DS), and Tropical Freeze was fantastic on the Wii U. While not a lot of people played it then, it is getting a release on the Switch soon, which gives that an opportunity to change.

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eagle211168d ago

Since this was actually posted by Nintendo (Italy) I felt it was not just an April

Relientk771168d ago

Hopefully it's like Donkey Kong 64

meganick1167d ago

You want it to be a boring and tedious fetch quest?

roadkillers1167d ago

Yes? No, but I enjoy 3D platformers. I suppose it is the exploration, while in side-scrollers there can be exploration, but it feels complicated

_-EDMIX-_1167d ago

Those developers are long gone I don't know if we're ever going to see something like that to be honest

DivineAssault 1168d ago

Cool.. If its a side scroller, they shouldve put both DKC games together for the switch though.. $60 for tropical freeze alone is really high.. Especially since i have the wii u version.. Theyre charging full retail for hyrule warriors on it too.. I want them but waiting on a sale.. A brand new DK game im much more likely to invest in..

Theknightofnights1168d ago

Hyrule Warriors makes at least a bit of sense, since it contains all the DLC and content from both the Wii U and 3DS editions.

Donkey Kong though...I don't understand that one. If it comes with a remastered (or uprendered) DKC:R from the Wii or 3DS it'd make it more worth it.

Concertoine1167d ago

DKCTF also launched on the Wii U for 49.99 back in 2014. You're paying 10 bucks more for Funky Kong lol

DivineAssault 1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Still, Hyrule warriors shouldnt be any more than $50.. Hell, it should be $30 because its a last gen game.. I get it has all the content but still.. I love nintendo but theyre greedy sometimes. Remember when metroid prime trilogy came out? $60 for all 3 prime games with added content.. This is a standard release.. Im getting Hyrule warriors to have it on the go and because you can switch characters on the fly.. Not paying full retail though..

CocoaBrother1168d ago

This would be great. Donkey Kong is probably my favorite platformer.

Omnislashver361167d ago

DKC 2 and 3 remake would be epic.

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