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Nioh mostly takes place in historical Japan not long after Oda Nobunaga’s death. It starts in London, where the protagonist, William, has his childhood guardian spirit Saoirse stolen by the antagonist Edward Kelley. This spirit is quite powerful, as it allows him to easily locate Amrita, which is a spiritual energy with powerful effects in the real world, and is the reason Kelley stole it from him. His deep relationship with Saoirse is also why he never stays dead – after every fatal encounter, he is restored to the last Kodama Shrine that he prayed at. Amrita acts as experience does in most games, and he does lose all Amrita collected after death; if he wants all of that back, he better be prepared to work to find his grave again.

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Alexious1881d ago

Great game, can't wait for the sequel.

bluefox7551881d ago

A sequel never really occured to me for some reason, now I'm excited, lol.

LoveSpuds1881d ago

Gaming perfection, utterly fantastic game - I keep thinking I might go back and try to platinum it.

RpgSama1881d ago

I'm trying that right now, first time playing it, bought the complete edition and that's the plan, to platinum this game, let's see how long it takes, but I will do it

LoveSpuds1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

It will be a heck of a challenge matey, it's one tough cookie......I platinum-ed Bloodborne but felt this would be a bit much, I am slowly coming round to the idea of a revisit though, what an awesome game.

monkey6021881d ago

I thought it would be a nightmare platinum but it's very doable. There's only 2 twilight missions that are really going to stand in the way

Gamist2dot01881d ago

If you can platinum BB, you can platinum this game. I feel that BB is harder and longer because of the chalice dungeon if played by yourself.

LoveSpuds1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Okay, you have convinced me, time to revisit feudal Japan 😁 I am going to look into the Platinum I think, I would like to get that wrapped up before DarkSouls Remastered is released.

I have a masochistic approach to Souls and Bloodborne, I only want to play them solo. I enjoyed the chalice dungeons in BB too, they were a nice enough diversion from the main game. I loved, loved, LOVED the DLC too.

bluefox7551881d ago

Awesome game. The combat is gameplay perfected.

1881d ago
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