Does PlayStation need a Game Pass style subscription Service?

Video Game News looks at whether or not an Xbox Game Pass style subscription service would benefit Sony and it's PlayStation 4.

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lxeasy197d ago

It will probably continue to sell a ton with out it. So it doesn't need it but it will be wonderful if they had it. Game Pass is amazing on Xbox

r2oB197d ago

The headline makes it seems like PSNow and Gamepass are different types of subscription services. Both give you access to a specific library of games for a set price per subscription period. Gamepass as a service isn't anything new. The difference is that you can download the games rather than stream. Both have their pros and cons. The better question would have been should PSNow allow you to play games like Gampass (as in download the titles). Would be great if there were both option

Septic196d ago

A PlayStation Pass would be amazing. Certainly would put Xbox to shame considering the quality of exclusives that Sony usually churn out.

Eonjay196d ago

Sonys first party is more valuable than Microsoft's so whoring it off for $10 won't work them.

jznrpg196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

It might be amazing if they had games like Sony on it , but whats offered on it I would only buy in the bargain bin if that . But MS needs game pass because their games aren’t selling so great, Sony needs not to have game pass b cause they make more money without it and we get more games that way

UltraNova196d ago

No Sony will not partake simply because they do not need to. Their games are selling, why do that? It doesn't make business sense at all, unless they release it with a much higher price tag (20-30 per month).

Gamepass for MS and their low(aneamic) 1st/3rd party exclusive outpout is a given, honestly I'm surprised it took them so long, especially when GaaS is taken into account as it will help them keep people subscripted for longer. It all makes sense if you think about it. Oh MS....

Septic196d ago

Wow it's astounding how some people can't see this from a consumer perspective but squarely through a corporate one. "They don't need to because sales"

No but they should because it would benefit YOU. Sad to say though, sometimes I think some people only seem to gain any enjoyment if their corporation is profiting rather than making pro consumer moves.

bouzebbal196d ago

No need, so many exclusives that you gotta own the console.
xbox is going multiplatform for some years now, it makes more sense in this case. i just hope they widen the service to other devices.

UltraNova196d ago (Edited 196d ago )


Weirdly, i agree but it doesn't mean I will start lying to myself and hope for something that won't be happening while I turn a blind eye to the cold truth - that truth is Gamepass wont be happening on PS anytime soon simply because (yes, unfortunately) it does not make business sense to Sony now because they are on top, unlike MS.

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OB1Biker197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

No. There's PS+ no need more and more subscription, next EA? Ubi
Etc. That give an excuse to let PS+ quality deteriorate instead of improve. . Just improve the one we have to get.
(No need of PS now either btw)

196d ago
AspiringProGenji197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

It is not awful. It just needs to reach its fill potential. probably it will with the PS5 . It just needs to up the resolution and that’s it. Just because it is streaming doesn’t mean it is horrible. Get a good internet and all set

Even Nvidia is doing the same thing. Streaming is not bad bh any means. Sony has PS Now so all they need to do is just keep improving it

BigWan78197d ago


PSNow isnt good for fighters or shooters..the latency is there no matter how good ur internet connection is..

when playing a solo adventure game or rpg, its fine... but fighters, shooter, its not up to par as local play

bloop197d ago

I just finished a 1 week trial with PS now. Overall I have to say I was surprised how well it worked, but I did come across a few games that were practically unplayable. Games like DMC worked surprisingly fine, but then I tried RDR. I think RDR had pretty bad input lag anyway, but I found it almost unplayable on PS Now. Just moving the camera seemed really laggy, and I have a 120mb connection. If a game has a poor response time to begin with, it's just not going to work when streaming, no matter how fast your connection is.

MatrixxGT196d ago

What about the millions of people that can’t “ get good internet “? At least if you are able to download the game and play local it will take a longer time to download it but at least it will be playable.

AspiringProGenji196d ago

You either have good internet, or you don’t. A company can only do so much to accommodate to everyone’s limitations. You will be good with an average net jand wired connection

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Thatguy-310197d ago

The gag is PS Now offers better games. Hopefully Sony introduces a way for us to download instead of streaming

crazyCoconuts196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I think the technology required to allow downloads like GamePass is trivial compared to what is needed to stream a game. I think it would be easy for Sony to do if they wanted to. I think Sony's strategy is fubared for PSNow at the moment though. It's designed for non PS devices but theyre no longer targeting that. It's just sitting there on life support for now...

196d ago
notachance196d ago

PS is on average pumping out a 1st-party every 3 months excluding 3rd-party exclusives, not a mediocre multiplayer GaaS once in a blue moon... and their game tends to be a single-player experience that you only played once, people would just pay in each month they're released.

If PS wanted to make a subscription-style service for new games they either need to:
a. set a higher price than game pass
b. holding off on regular releases, maybe just two AAA exclusives a year or
c. make multiplayer GaaS games so people keep subscribing for months only for one or two title.

subtenko196d ago

Yea you might as well get a PS4 to play all those actual exclusives. You need a PS4 dude

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Neonridr197d ago

Does it need it? Probably not. Would it be cool if it did have it? Definitely.

UCForce197d ago

I don’t need Gaas. Thank you very much. Not because it’s selfish. It’s because it will kill the balance between physical gaming and digital gaming.

343_Guilty_Spark196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

So you’re saying PSNOW started the GAAS chamber video game killings?

Neonridr196d ago

well physical seems like it could be a dying breed.. who knows

UCForce196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

@343_Guilty_Spark and @Neonridr i’m not big fan of PS Now or neither Game Pass. If Physical Gaming is Dead, you know publishers will a away to abuse digital gaming. Then you have no choice to be screwed over by them. That’s where you will be backstabbed by them.

Edit: @JackBNimble it’s maybe in my head. But it’s not. Many publishers will create their own Gaas and find a way to abuse it.

JackBNimble196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I'm not for or against it, but explain how this would "kill the balance between physical gaming and digital".

All gaming is actually digital, your console only uses the disc to download to your hard drive and after that it's only used as a key to let you play the game.

The "balance" is all in your head.

Septic196d ago

You need to distinguish between GaaS and these services. You clearly have the two mixed up.

As for physical vs digital- if it's an option then it won't do any harm. People with shit internet or preference for physical copies can carry on buying that.

I'm all for digital

JackBNimble196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against physical gaming, but publishers, if they choose, can abuse anything physical or digital. I just don't get your paranoia.

This idea that physical is safer for the gaming community or will prevent publishers from abusing gaas or services is an illusion.

UnHoly_One196d ago

I don't think you understand what GAAS means.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Game Pass or PS Now.

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rainslacker196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

If PSNow allowed downloading, then it'd be as good. The F2P paywall I could do without though.

Either way, I still personally wouldn't find any value in it to be honest. The content would have to change. It's good enough now for what it is, but nothing I'd go out of my way to play. I still buy my games and by the time newish games show up, I likely would have already played them.

Vasto197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

"Gamepass has been viewed by the community as extremely pro consumer and all but the most delusioned of fanboys have recognised this, praise for the service is unanimous. It is no coincidence that Game Pass coupled with backwards compatibility and the introduction of the X has seen Microsoft’s year on year sales grow strongly whereas in recent months year on year growth of the PlayStation 4 has plateaued"

For me Game Pass is the best thing to come out of this gen. I will not even consider buying another console if they dont have something similar.

UCForce197d ago

I don’t want Gaas. Because publishers will find a way to abuse it. Digital is easier and cheap, but somebody will push even further and they will find a way to kill physical gaming. You will no longer have that option to choose physical or digital in the future if we pushed too far with Gaas.

Vasto197d ago

I am all digital. Been that way since mid last gen.

darthv72197d ago

Well... it is inevitable that physical will eventually be phased out. I prefer downloads to streaming though so in that regard GP trumps Now.

Sony invested to much into Gaikai to just close up shop and go all in on downloads now. Sony doesnt "need" a GP type of service but many gamers would certainly "want" such a thing if they offered one.

UCForce197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Then you kill the balance of gaming. How far we push digital when it pushing us back ? There has to be balance between both of them. You just want to kill and bury it. Is that you want to erase history of gaming ?

Fragnum197d ago (Edited 197d ago )


***"Then you kill the balance of gaming. How far we push digital when it pushing us back ? There has to be balance between both of them. You just want to kill and bury it. Is that you want to erase history of gaming"***

The game you get on a disc will not preserve the history of gaming, physical releases today are not like previous generations where the game on the disc or cartridge is the full, final version of the game.

Nowadays almost every game comes with a large day 1 patch, even cartridges on the Switch. They have to be downloaded to eliminate game breaking bugs not discovered in testing or to add features not ready when the game went gold.

Unless you're interested in trading games, or you can buy the physical version substantially cheaper or if you live in an area with terrible internet, you're almost always better off buying digital, it's simply more convenient.

A physical disc today is simply a license that you leave in your console's drive that allows you to play the game once it has been installed.

UCForce197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

@Fragum I don’t think so. Gaas will slowly killing Physical gaming. Then you realize that you have been backstabbed. Like I told you, do you think Gaas will be perfect future ?

Fragnum197d ago (Edited 196d ago )

****"I don’t think so. Gaas will slowly killing Physical gaming. Then you realize that you have been backstabbed. Like I told you, do you think Gaas will be perfect future?"****

Maybe you should take off your tinfoil hat and stop with the conspiracy theories UC. There are over 100 games on Game Pass made by many different developers and yet you focus on the one game on there that is even remotely close to a GaaS.

I'm not even sure that you know what the term GaaS even means, as you seem to be using it to describe a subscription service and that is not what it means.

The amount of Microsoft exclusives that are part of the subscription service are minimal, yet there's still over 100 games. If your bias towards Sony leaves you so blinkered that you cannot see the value proposition in a games based subscription service then I don't know what to say.

I for one would welcome something similar on the PS4, if I could play games like NieR, Persona 5, Bloodborne and GT Sport for $9.99 a month, I would. The value for money would be incredible!

343_Guilty_Spark196d ago

Steam killed balance of gaming?

UCForce196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

@Fragum It’s not a tinfoil hat. It’s more like somebody going to kill it slowly. You see ? I’m not big fan of PS Now or neither Game Pass. If you defending it, publishers will a find a way to abuse it. You will be backstabbed because of it. I know Physical gaming isn’t perfect. But physical and digital are both need to coexist. I rather keep my own thing when I bought it.

Edit : @343_Guilty_Spark Oh, it’s more than Steam,buddy. I’m not gonna tell you what it is, but it way more terrifying than you think.

sprinterboy196d ago

Times change dude, know one complained when cds replaced vinyl, or mp3/download replaced cds

sprinterboy196d ago

Plus I remember buying physical bk in the day when it meant something, a map, poster and manual inside the case for the base copy without the need to buy a collectors edition, base versions of the game are piss poor these days imo. Plus nxt gen or the near future Sony and Ms will have some kind of trade in for digital versions also moving with the times. So you will still have options and my guess is you will be able to still get official boxed versions of some kind from the devs or 3rd party online websites with a code in it if you so wish to collect them and sell them for money if they become rare etc.

Septic196d ago

How is your physical disc holding up for your PS3 games? You're telling me you're gonna keep all your physical consoles AND discs ? And this bullshit romanticising with "erasing history of gaming"? You're preserving it are you by holding on to your old consoles?

You lot need to wake up and join reality.

Kribwalker196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

killed the balance of gaming going digital? That is so stupid. How will the balance of gaming be killed? Please elaborate. Put some facts behind your claims before you keep feeding this BS. How is PSnow any different then gamepass other then it being a worse service?

For Me “the balance” has swung in my favour with digital. Especially when you have something like Play Anywhere and new releases being released on game pass. With it i can have 3 copies of a game to play at the same time, together. One purchase nets me the game on my kids xbox (my home xbox) any xbox i’m signed into, and my kids PC. That is an amazing Value. We just played sea of thieves on the weekend together, and all it cost me was $9.99 for the month, instead of if it was physical, where it would have cost me $180 to do the same thing.....

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UCForce197d ago

@darthv72 Sony did with PS Now and it didn’t work. But they changed their plan by focusing on their first party studios even more which I prefer that than Gaas. I’m maybe sound hypocrites for saying this, but I don’t like people who try to play God. Meaning I don’t like people believe Gaas and digital are the future. Do you think Gaas and Digital would be a perfect future ? No, it will never be.

darthv72197d ago

Why does it have to be perfect? Even physical gaming is not perfect... unless you think it is. There are drawbacks to both but there is also pros to both but ultimately one will phase out. It's as simple as that.

Like it or not... "service based" is where things are heading. Music, movies, tv, games... entertainment in general is going down that path of convenience and the general rule of thumb is convenience is better than inconvenience.

bigmalky197d ago

Yes, Darth...

Because music has gone completely digital in the past 20 years since we've been able to download it.

Vinyl has just cropped up as popular again and there's a few people interested in cassette again, thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy. Nintendo have gone back to cartridge style games and people are still collecting on Blu-Ray and so on.

Physical will likely be around for a very long time, especially when it's the most untrustworthy corporations that are pushing for it... Many of them have already shown their hand on what they want gaming to become, and real gamers want none of it.

sprinterboy196d ago

Do I still want to play my old amstrad, c64, spectrum, amiga 500, cdtv games? NO. Do I want to play some old ps1/2/3 games 20yrs from now? NO. We will be playing in body suits with gloves in vr looking bk at how far we've come. Gaming won't be forgotten just like the early days are not forgotten. We will move on and upwards

MarineLineman197d ago

Good. The less GaaS-loving dipshits on PlayStation, the better.

notachance196d ago

it's easy to make a gamepass service when you only release new exclusive once in a blue moon...

sprinterboy196d ago

"Games pass is the best thing to come this gen" , spoken like a true xbox owner/s

rainslacker196d ago

The best thing to come out of this gen for me was the games themselves.

OffRoadKing196d ago

"extremely pro consumer" LOL. Yeah speaking of delusional fanboys. Sad that a a service looking to push GaaS games is what you consider the best thing to come out of this gen and not a great game on xbox, but maybe there just hasn't been any.

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Nyxus197d ago

Rather not, not a fan of these services at all.

Aenea197d ago

If it's optional, why not?

Nyxus197d ago

Cause I rather have people keep buying the games. Many of Sony's big games rely on actual sales to turn a profit. What happens in the long term if people have the option to get all the games for 120 a year? I'm not sure if it would be such a great thing in the end.

OB1Biker197d ago

Better they focus on PS+ offer getting better and better. One subscription ftw

Eidolon197d ago

They don't have to add top sellers.

Kribwalker195d ago

i agree aenea, having the option to Sub is great. People can still buy things the traditional way, but what if some people wanted to rent? There’s already gamefly and others that allow that physically, what’s so wrong with a digital version

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Heelix196d ago

some games need all the help they can get

not every game will be a blockbuster on the charts.

Services like gamePass could help.

UCForce196d ago

But it will kill physical gaming forever if the balance have been broke by Gaas.

NeoGamer232196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I felt the same way a few years ago. I have literally thousands of games, movies, and CDs at home.

And I was spending a small fortune maintaining the habit.

At one time I was probably up to about $500 on media per month. But, now I have Spotify for my family, Netflix, EA Access and Game Pass. About $45 / month and I have access to tons of movies, music, and games.

Do I like that these companies control the content I consume? No. But, the way I look at it, is I can stop subscribing at any moment and if other do the same thing because the content isn't up to snuff then the services will be hurting a lot. So, it is mutually beneficial. It is in the services best interest to give me good content so I stay subscribed. It is in my interest to stay subscribed to get access to all the content cheaply. A true win-win.

gamingunited197d ago

"It is no coincidence that Game Pass coupled with backwards compatibility and the introduction of the X has seen Microsoft’s year on year sales grow strongly whereas in recent months year on year growth of the PlayStation 4 has plateaued"

It's no coincidence that PS4 continues to sell 2-3 times as many consoles and more than 3x as much software month after month as xbox. And the growth your quoting is in compared to xbox's worst year. PS4 had the most growth in 2017 while xbox as a whole was down.

PlayStation value is in it's software which is starting to hit it's stride in 2018 with big games, PlayStation is strong and it's not going anywhere.

rainslacker196d ago

I wasn't aware that the X's sales saw strong year on year gains in sales. It had a slight bump with the X1X, and I think it remained pretty steady after that.

PS4 sales had a slight slump for a few months, but have remained relatively stable.

Slight changes either way aren't an indication of anything major happening.