Has Blizzard Destroyed 17 years of Good Faith in Two Days?

This gameplayer article explores the fallout of Blizzcon and looks at the way, and reasons why Blizzard has done a disservice to their hardcore fans.

"For a company who has repeatedly done so many things right in its 15 year + history, however, Blizzard has recently made a large withdrawal at the goodwill bank."

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SlappingOysters3658d ago

You have to wonder whether this is at all the influence of Activision. Obviously they need to toe the company line and pretend everything is great... but maybe it is not

JsonHenry3658d ago

Why would anyone care? If they released two expansion packs after the game no one would be b1tching about it..

So they are releasing (basically) three hybrid campaign/expansion games about a year or so apart that will give you more depth, more gameplay, and a more varied online experience?


Barbapapa1233658d ago

blizzard usually makes good expansion and who knows, maybe they could release expansions at 30$ or lower like what Sins did at 10 bucks a pop

Ghoul3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

bs article and the usual whiny gamer.

Blizzard still is one of the best gamedevelopers to date.

Looking at Starcraft 2
World of Warcraft Wotlk
and coming up warcraft 4

i can only show my purest respekt.
One Dev. making 4 AAA Games simultaniuosly and every single one is incredible.

Stop complaining just out of the sole purpose of whining.

oh btw, once again the only bad part is the hardcorefan. It's allways the same the "hardcore Fans" demand that a company only please THEM, if they dare to reach out to other audiences or spreaden theyre product range, the "hardcore" fan enrages, whines, and rants around.

i wonder how long it will take till the first obsessed fan goes on a killing spree. :(

gaming has changed....

Hooby3658d ago

While I still think blizzard is one of the best game producers todays, they do look to be moving towards the money mo0re than what they were known for.

To Ghoul, I daresay if you've been a blizz fan since the days of wc2 through wc3 (includes diablo 1 & 2, sc,sc:BW), and NOT just recent games, you might just notice how much more blizzard is doing seemingly for the sake of money as opposed to the sake of the game. I sure notice it. I only hope it doesn't go too far, but...I feel blizzard will peak within the next few years.

JsonHenry3658d ago

I don't care if they want to make more games so they can make more money. As long as what I pay for is solid gold like everything else they sell us then I will be a happy fool to part with his money.

WeZz3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I agree with Hooby. I've noticed them moving towards the money milking schemes. And I have to add they're getting better at it!

-they keep updating wow with patches to reshuffle characters' moves so players eventually have to re balance their characters overtime.

-SOOO many barriers to actually complete the game.u can't even finish the story without having 25 man party to finish Ilidin.

- no way points, or quest helper. to make u aimlessly run around and waste more time.

- and not to mention the biggest of them all. The subscription fee to play wow! I could have purchased atleast 5 other GOOD games with the same amount i spent on wow. and i'm sure alot have payed even more. but its just pathetic to pay for something that has been free for years.

I originally thought I was going to try each class when i first got wow. but I noticed my life going to waste on just one character let alone trying out the others. and this is only wow. now they want to charge for battle net. and split WC4 and SC2 to 3 parts each. pfft its sad to see good talent go down this path.

Ghoul3658d ago

well since im gaming for over 20 years i know (and love) every single blizard game ever made, and im not that concerned about the company as most of you.

well see i dont understand people paying for L!VE but point fingers at blizzard ??? hypocrits ?

orakga3658d ago


If history has taught us anything, it's that once a company begins to prioritize money over service, its service will begin to falter. (EA, Rockstar and Squaresoft being prime examples)

I bet you, SC2 will not be as successful as SC1, and in a couple of years they will be scratching their heads and claim that "people do not want to play RTSs anymore, and that's why SC2 failed".

And they'll deny that the real cause was the 1) quality of the product (latest gameplay videos aren't really impressive) and 2) cut-throat pricing of games.

WeZz3657d ago

I'm not sure if ur last comment was meant for me but thats exactly why I've never purchased an x360. mainly the subscription fee and the RROD.

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thereapersson3658d ago

Enough said.

Find other ways to make money, but don't f*cking touch

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