Should You Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro in 2018

As the years go by, and as this console generation gets longer. It seems gamers are picking up new 4k tv's and the dust starting to collect on their favorite console. More gamers are asking themselves, is it worth jumping on board with the PlayStation 4 Pro? Is it worth just hanging on to our launch day consoles, until the PlayStation 5? What are the benefits that gamers could look forward to with this new mid generation upgrade, whether their a 4k user or not? Is the PlayStation 4 Pro worth it's price in 2018? Or Does Microsoft's Xbox One X hold a strong advantage over the competition?

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ULTp0ltergeist1215d ago

Well, if you don't have a PS4 then Pro is the best option no question. PS4s are basically becoming irrelevant along with Xbox. Specifically for the enthusiast btw.

solideagle1214d ago

I agree with you + if you have a 4k tv then defo go for pro.

Sirk7x1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

The PS4 supports supersampling now, so it's a better option even without a 4k tv if it's affordable to you.
For those who do not know, supersampling is basically running the game at higher resolutions, and then compressing that image to a lower one for better image quality, anti-aliasing, etc.

Eonjay1214d ago

I just bought one last month. I don't believe they are necessary for most because most don't have TVs that can go about 1080p. People don't understand that the enhance systems are mainly being used to make the same thing you see now on a PS4 blow up to 4k. And thats it, except for VR which is actually better on Pro objectively.

Shineon1214d ago

Except on the X produces better textures,Textures are more important than rez to me

Eonjay1214d ago

The X is a marginally more powerful machine. It doesn't change what I said above. The Pro and X don't do anything that wont be mostly completely replicated on a regular PS4.

G20WLY1214d ago

Agreed. PSVR is definitely even better on Pro. Often the clarity is considerably improved, draw distance, pop in, frame rate (which is ALWAYS great on PSVR anyway) and you can just really feel the additional oomph the games get.

Muigi1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

@Shineon I hope your just trolling.

1214d ago
Eonjay1214d ago


Very few people would care about the things you listed. Very few. Myself an many others who bought the pro already know the X doesn't play games that I want to play. Therefore, I'm not gonna spend 500 on something I don't want. if fact, you don'tj even need to spend 400 on the pro. Thats my point.

WilliamSheridan1214d ago

50% more power is considered marginal now? When the PS4 was doing 1080p vs Xbox One 900p people said the difference was huge. Now that Xbox One X is pushing out double the pixels as the Pro, people are like nah it's marginal. The goal posts sure have moved...

IamTylerDurden11214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

If you have a 4K TV then PS4 Pro is a must. It also is great if you have VR.The Pro still has benefits even if you don't have a 4K TV, but with games like God of War and Spiderman on the way i'd suggest upgrading to Pro. Horizon is stunning on Pro in HDR and God of War will have a very nice PS4 Pro upgrade.

-shoryuken-1214d ago

pro is a must for me as it improves the fps for some games from 30 to 60.

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Old McGroin1214d ago

Specifically for Monster Hunter, is there a difference in performance running on a regular PS4 and a Pro?

FinalFantasyFanatic1214d ago

If I was buying a Playstation today, it would be a PRO, now that I have a 4k TV, I wish I had initially got one but there's no point upgrading from my vanilla console now.

PurpHerbison1214d ago

Even then you finally have devs utilizing the little bit of extra power for 1080p. Which typically results in a better experience (frame rate) over 4k. And if you wanted games to look better at 1080p, enable supersampling. Pro isn't all about 4k these days.

IamTylerDurden11214d ago

I would upgrade considering how well games like Horizon, God of War, and Spiderman are/are being tuned for Pro, but games like Horizon and R&C are great games regardless of resolution. Either way you will enjoy them and at least Vanilla PS4 has HDR. Also if you are interested in VR i would upgrade to PS4 Pro.


I have a Pro and an X in my living room on a 55" M series Vizio 4k, HDR10 120hz. I put my day one X1 in the bedroom. Love both!

OB1Biker1214d ago

No I don't think ps4s are becoming relevant. Sure the Pro is a more future proof investment especially if you consider getting a 4k TV at some point but ps4 slim is still a decent option. I'm sure some gamers even prefer a slim console for whatever reason.

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MegamanXXX1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

All you need is a PS4 to play great first party exclusives

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Wh1teLightning1214d ago

Or an Xbox 1 X to play some more awesome first party exclusives. Halo 5 running at 60fps on a 4K TV is AMAZING...same for Forza 7.

FallenAngel19841215d ago

Screw that im content with the base model

loadstone0071214d ago

What the hell man. Grow a character.

nucky641214d ago

no, he's smart. this mid-gen console thing is a cash grab. if you're happy throwing your money away replacing something that will already play the games- do it. I will say, if someone does not have a ps4 at this point, the pro is the right choice. I think using my standard ps4 and waiting for the ps5 makes the most sense.

ocelot071214d ago

He is actually smart. Am a pro owner and though I like it. It's not all that great. I wish more developers gave us more options. Even though I have a 4k TV I much rather have higher FPS followed by higher textures rather than 4k resolution.

You see the likes of the God of War devs and sucker punch and square giving us these options. But more devs need to do it. So i fully understand why people rather hold on to the PS4 rather then upgrade to a pro.

Plus with the ps5 being released in 2019/2020 (guess) I think it's actually smart to just wait.

Ju1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Well, if Sony would announce a PS5 this June, I doubt the Pro @ $400 will have a market. But if it drops to $300 (soon) and replaces the base Slim, of course. I got my base gold slim for $249 (and the other one is a Pro). I would like to replace it with a Pro, tbh. It's probably a $100 upgrade if I'd sell it. But, yes, I'd want to wait for Sony's next gen in the hope this will be a pure 60fps console. If it's another 2 years till then, though, I certainly would say the Pro is worth it. It's not a massive upgrade, but it's that little edge. If you are in for a $300 or $400 console, and you don't have one, I'd say get the Pro. Slim works fine too, if you don't care so much about jagged edges. Games look pretty much the same, else (surprisingly). Pro has more stable framerate, too, though (and with system wide super sampling, those edges also disappear on 1080p screens).

AgeInTheCage1214d ago

I bet you cant show us you have an xboxone x...

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sprinterboy1214d ago

Agree, plus everyone who has bought a 4k TV this gen will have a inferior 4k TV when the nxt gen comes out, I'm getting my 4k tv nxt yr just b4 ps5 comes out, plus the blu ray movies will be cheaper, there £25 here in the UK atm for a new release. 4k starts nxt gen imo although there has been some great content of course already hzd, gts, forza, fc5 etc but I'm willing to wait as I don't want to be in a position of owning a 3yr old 4k TV when ps5 is out.

phoenixwing1214d ago

Base model and no mid gen upgrades. I want every new numbered base playstation to feel really upgraded when i switch to it and doing this mid gen thing is silly.

TGG_overlord1215d ago

I can't speak for everyone else, but I intend to buy a PS4 Pro and a new TV very soon. So in my case, yes, it's a must buy.

fiveby91214d ago

I needed a second PS4 as one of my kids like to use the PS4 increasingly more often. I ended up getting the PS4 Pro bundle for God of War as it was a good deal considering I was going to buy that game anyway. Had I not needed a second PS4 I would have been happy with my OG PS4 though. God of War should look pretty nice on my Sony 900e 4K set.

FyBy1214d ago

It will shine on that tv! I recently bought 930e for pro and it’s really great experience!

OB1Biker1214d ago

That's it. I think its the way to go to improve the gaming experience if you want it. Its a matter of time (timing?) and personal budget when the value makes it worth it. For many, though, the time may come when the ps5 is due.

sprinterboy1214d ago

I know so many gamers who have bought pros and x but bought low/mid range Black friday cheapish 4k tvs which don't have the best hdr, just watch the digital foundry YouTube video on it. That's why I'm waiting for nxt gen b4 going 4k, get all the bells and whistles on 4k which current ones don't support ie the new hdmi format which will support 8k also, I'm sure they'll be 8k indie titles at least nxt gen.

traumadisaster1214d ago

There is something the 2018 or 19 tv's will have, vvr. Variable refresh rate, I think that might be a game changer.

tmisellati1215d ago

ps4 pro is essential purchase only if you like sony's first and second party games. 3rd party devs do not use the ps4 pro specs properly.

tmisellati1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

how many third party games that look as awesome on 4k tv as Horizon , GT sport , ratchet and clanck and shadow of the colossuss then ?

Goldby1214d ago

Metal Gear Solid V
A Way Out
just to name a few

tmisellati1214d ago

you are right about the witcher 3. it is one of the few 3rd party games that use the checkerboard. and i like how it look like on the ps4 pro.
though , i disagree with you with hellblade and metal gear solid 5. both of these games are only 1440p.

Goldby1214d ago


Resolution isnt the only thing that makes a game look better.
And 1440p is still a good resolution as there share alot of people out there with 1080p tv's Taking advantage of the supersampling


Horizon looks amazing, but TW3 and Far Cry 5 on X look even better on the same TV, HDR is a huge difference imo!

Rainstorm811214d ago

AC Origns looks great as well as Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Rude-ro1214d ago

Battlefield 1
Etc to name more.

FinalFantasyFanatic1214d ago

3rd party games still look and run better on the PRO, I'd just recommend a PRO if you'r buying a Playstation today, if you already own a vanilla version then it's not worth upgrading for the performance boost.

Hardiman1214d ago

AC Origins, Wolfenstien 2, Shadow of War and FarCry 5 all look amazing on the Pro!

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