Pocket Gamer: Balls 'n' Walls Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Sometimes the simplest of concepts are the best. Some of the best games out there - the enduring efforts that have been around for decades - are based on the kind of construct that any Tom, Dick or Harry can comprehend. Shifting shapes around, collecting coins and matching up coloured gems are all gaming staples, but it takes a game of equal simplicity but one lacking the same kind of pull to highlight just what bastions of genius those aforementioned classics are.

Sadly, Balls 'n' Walls is the kind of simple game that has no draw; you can be playing it within seconds, but there's very little reward for doing so. It is, in short, quite plain. Perhaps that's the risk all such simplistic titles take, but Balls 'n' Walls trundles over the cliff of austerity and lands slap bang in mediocrity town centre."

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