What Went Wrong with the Wii U?

We liked the Wii U, but it was a disappointing flop. Within a three to four year life cycle the Wii U managed to only sell 13.5 million units worldwide.

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deafdani202d ago

Not everything. Nintendo's own games were great for the most part.

Everything else about the console was mostly bad, though.

3-4-5202d ago

Wii U had like 15 really great awesome really fun games....and not much else.

FallenAngel1984204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

The price was a huge obstacle. Hell it never had a price cut that made it go below the $300 its successor and competitors are at right now.

Consumers could buy a cheaper PS3 or 360 that had far superior features and more games releasing on them.

Consumers could buy a more expensive PS4 or XO that had more stable long term future

Wii U being in the middle low end and high end console options while featuring inferior multimedia, online, storage, & third party support made people go elsewhere for their gaming needs.

Lennoxb63203d ago

The Wii U was more powerful than the PS3 and 360. But it didn't matter much cause they weren't getting enough 3rd party support to flex that muscle.

SuperSonic91202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

The reason the Wii U was close to PS3 in power was to gain the current multiplatform games like COD but it was too late to the party. Also Iwata thought he can getaway with the high pricing . He did not learn from the 3DS initial failure.

_-EDMIX-_202d ago

Completely agreed ,with all of this I would also argue that the Wii U clearly made some people go elsewhere for their third-party needs but I would also argue that those people are already established somewhere else it is just no longer a reachable market in regards to trying to get a significant turnover.

How many people do we really know that play Far Cry Call of Duty Destiny Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts what have you that will suddenly only exclusively buy a Nintendo product because of one of those franchises might appear on that system? People need to understand they're not actually asking them to just give up you know a few games they're literally asking them to give up multiple Publishers simply because one or two AAA franchises made it on a Nintendo system.

So how many of you Nintendo fans would never buy a Nintendo system just because Mario Kart can be played on the Playstation or Xbox? I don't mean the entire Library, I just mean one Mario Kart game, is that seriously enough to make you say you're never going to buy another Nintendo system? So screw the entire library of games because one game can be played somewhere else this is not even saying it won't be on the Nintendo system itself.

Consider that is what some of you are so naive that you're thinking is going to happen because something like Doom or Skyrim is coming as if those individuals only play those games and then also want to play the worst version and then also want to never play the best version somewhere else or it's sequels going forward lol

This is why that market is already long gone the ship has already sailed in those individuals based on the division Destiny Ghost Recon Watch Dogs and a whole slew of new intellectual properties are just getting even more comfortable with Playstation Xbox PC

So I don't know how many fans of those franchises are suddenly going to only want to buy an option that only lets them play one of those franchises in the worst fashion.

DivineAssault 203d ago

The name, the gimmicks, the price, the software being too similar in design to the 3ds.. So much was wrong with it yet i loved so many games on it..

Old McGroin203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Shockingly bad marketing, the average person still doesn't even know it was a new console, most thought it was an accessory for the Wii. Shame as it had some really great games but I'm glad it led to the Switch.

MasterCornholio203d ago

The controller was just dumb in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.