Ace Combat Infinity Shuts Down Among Touching Thoughts from the Development Team

After four years of pitched online aerial battles, Ace Combat Infinity's live servers have been shut down by Bandai Namco.

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Abnor_Mal290d ago

Never played Ace Combat Infinity online because it seemed as though I had to buy things like fuel, I could have been wrong about that, but decided not to get into the game. Always been a fan of Ace Combat since Ace Combat2, favorite being Ace Combat5 then 4 then zero. Drawing a blank right now on Ace Combat3.

Saw an article last week stating that Ace Combat4,5 and zero are being considered for remasters or remakes for the current generation. The article was more of a job listing, so it may take a while to come to fruition if ever. Here's hoping that it does happen.

Kokyu290d ago

Never got into this tried but was turned off by the nonsense of MT involved with it. Cant wait for the new VR supported new game though.

raWfodog289d ago

Heart skipped a beat when I first read the headline. Initially thought it was talking about the latest AC in development (Skies Unknown).