Why You Should Play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is much more than a stealth game, it near perfects the variety of genres it encompasses with tense action and well crafted gameplay. Its story, characters and mechanics may be insane but nothing ever feels out of place. It may sound cliche but this is a Metal Gear for fans and newcomers alike."

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1nsomniac203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Utter tripe of a game. If Kojima had nothing to do with it or his crazy fans didn’t know better. This game would of been obsolutely panned. One of the worst & dullest games of the modern generation.

Author of the article seems to have multiple personality disorder too. Starts off right off the bat claiming to be a MGS virgin. Then spends the majority of the article talking about previous games in the series, their characters & plot twists.

This is why Kojima fans scare me. They’re completely unhinged weirdos that just say anything for attention.

seanpitt23203d ago

I total agree, The only people that would think this game is good is the people that never played the previous games.

Imalwaysright203d ago

Or people that enjoyed this franchise not just for its story but also its gameplay like myself. I will never understand those that say that MGS is all about the story and I'm always wondering if the people that say that played the same games I did. MGS games always had great gameplay and those that say that is all about the story to me are downplaying what Kojima and his team did over the years. The stealth mechanics particularly in MGS4 and MGS5 to me are simply sublime and I absolutely loved MGS5 for its gameplay. Sure it could have a better balance between story and gameplay as could MGS4 and be more like MGS3 which is the best game I ever played but don't come telling me that I'm not a MGS fan because I enjoy the franchise and MGS5 for its gameplay.

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

I've played the entire series multiple times and Metal Gear Solid V is one of the best in regards to gameplay and yes it is one of the worst in regards to story but please relax on the disrespect of trying to make it sound like anybody who likes Metal Gear Solid 5 must not actually be a metal gear solid fan, did you seriously just assumed that people were just playing Metal Gear Solid to hear the story? Don't get me wrong and it's an absolutely amazing story what Metal Gear Solid V does a great job and gameplay so good that it would be literally silly to try to disregard how amazing the game is in regards to how it was crafted.

Trust me a lot of us know that the story could have been better and literally the story is easily the worst in the entire series but please stop trying to ignore the gameplay and then going on to try to disrespect every single last fan for liking the game play as if they should instantly passion simply because the story is not that great.

I'm telling you the story is crap...

I'm also telling you it is easily the best metal gear solid game in regards to physical gameplay elements you're talking about a metal gear solid game in which you have full reign of day and night cycle to attack your enemy in an arsenal of options to complete a mission.

Again we all recognize the story is not good but there is no reason to try to attack fans we're trying to disrespect them simply because they have a difference of opinion about the game

So you could pretty much not like Metal Gear Solid V in still be a metal gear solid fan but is there a reason why you guys seriously can't understand that someone could like Metal Gear Solid V and still be a metal gear solid fan?

mikeslemonade202d ago

Best MGS main games in order:
2 1 3 4 5

Best in a direct comparison
3 2 1 4 5

Play twin snakes instead of 1.

5 sucks because of the bland open environments and archaic stealth. TLoU stealth is better than MGS5.

202d ago
mikeslemonade202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

5 is not better than 4. You’re a casual gamer if you think that.

They both suck, but 4 is a little bit better than 5. Better Story, better level design, both bosses suck but 4’s bosses are atleast somewhat memorable.

Edito202d ago

You are so right, i played every single MGS game but i just can't finish this one i play it 20min and i feel tired.

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Prince_TFK203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I played this game. The prologue was awesome. But once the open world kicks in, it was simply very boring.

letsa_go202d ago

I agree, I got about halfway through the game and stopped playing because it just seemed like rinse and repeat. Maybe I will get back around to finishing it sometime, but I think I got the feel for what the game has to offer.

bloop202d ago

MGS:V was a strange one. It had all the ingredients for it to be amazing, but for some reason it just didn't click. My first few hours in the open world I was blown away, but boy did it get old, very fast. You just end up going around tying balloons to everything and anyone.

narsaku203d ago

Man I love you. Please never become stupid. I swear MGS fans are some of the most delusional, besides naruto fanatics at least.

Quiet is the only reason this game got noticed.

Imalwaysright203d ago

Not as delusional as those that think that their opinion is the only one that is relevant.

_-EDMIX-_203d ago

.... or it's amazing gameplay. The one thing I've noticed regarding lots of Articles like this is lots of the comments barely ever bring up anything about the gameplay they just rant on about how they don't like the story and it makes me question of any of you even spent any significant amount of time actually really playing the game?

IamTylerDurden1203d ago

So it won GotY but if Kojima's name wasn't on it it would've been panned?

CorndogBurglar203d ago

It's fair to say that Kojima and the controversy going on at the time did play a big part in the game's success.

MGS games by Kojima would always do well. No question.

KyRo203d ago

The first hour was true MGS. As soon as it got to one of the most boring open worlds I've ever played in I lost interest real quick. It's a problem I have with most open worlds but it's soemthing being taked into every game these days.

rainslacker202d ago

It had the worst story in the MGS series, but the game play was fantastic. Even with the bad story, it was more that it was presented terribly than that the story itself was bad. Contrived from stuff that was never supposed to be there sure, but that's really nothing new for MGS.

The structure of the open world was dull though, outside a few of the side missions at least.

Game is worth a play through at least. I can understand why long term MGS fans would not feel the story lives up to the series though.

showtimefolks202d ago


MGS5 is the weakest entry in the series. Kojima instead of going out with a bang thought it was a good idea to change almost everything

1.Story hidden behind cassette that you may or may not come across

2. A huge open world with not much diversity or stuff to do

3. Some of the weakest bosses in the series

4. Unfinished story. Missing a whole chapter

5. Konami gave him more than 80 million US dollars and over 5 years to develop yet he couldn't deliver

What makes me mad is how most MGS fans don't blame Kojima at all. I am a huge MGS fan but also realize Kojima was also at fault not just Konami

80 million and 5 years to develop should never more than enough to complete the game

Than again Konami you spent 5 years and 80 million what's another 10 million or 6 months

Movefasta1993202d ago

It had phenomenal gameplay though, it’s definitely worth playing for that . Snake eater is still the king although it has arguably the weakest gameplay in the series because of its clunky controls , they all have flaws , going open world hindered mgs5 in the end I think

202d ago
Lord_Sloth202d ago

Honestly it was a solid game, the story just needed some work and better presentation. From a gameplay standpoint I loved it.

1nsomniac202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

I’m saying it’s an utter shite game because that’s what it is. With its typical Konami joke structuring of actually getting into the game being a choir in itself. Then with all it’s broken mechanics. Yes the controls aren’t as janky as usual but compared to western development it’s still way behind.

The game was horrible in every respect. It’s just a bit of a joke that people pretend the glaring issues don’t exist. Under the notion that they think it makes them cool & different. When in fact it makes them all look like a bunch of idiots together.

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novcze203d ago

good game, enjoyed it as free PS+ game and I'm certainly not Kojima fan

Mr_Writer85203d ago

Couldn't get into it, preferred the linear gameplay of the others (1,2 & 3)

Movefasta1993202d ago

Mgs4 had linear but sand box like environments in some acts, they should have kept that , the levels allowed you take different paths and experiment in act 2 especially

Mr_Writer85202d ago

Yeah see I struggled with large parts of MGS4, I did however love the return to Shadow Moses, the rest was largely forgettable.

1 & 3 are my favourite of the series.

I enjoyed the Tanker of MGS2, but big shell was mixed.

JackBNimble202d ago

I never got threw the first mission or level or whatever you want to call it. I hated the game play and became irritated with the game quite quickly and simply deleted it.
I would never have downloaded it if it wasn't a Ps plus game.

I just can't believe you guy's praise kojima over this garbage.

Terrible game mechanics, terrible controls, just a shit game all around. Bring on the hate.

seanpitt23203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

This game was not a true mgs game it took a new direction and it didn't pay off. I was expecting another masterpiece like 1,2,3 and 4 was but boy was I wrong.

What made the mgs stand out was the linear story and the tight gameplay pushing you on to the next part.
Mgs 5 didn't have anything other than ok gameplay but that didn't mean much when it was so boring to play.

narsaku203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

1: Narccisistic lunatic

2: Japanese EA

3: I payed 40 dollars for the demo

I'll pass.

IamTylerDurden1203d ago

If you had a PS4 you would've gotten it (MGSV) free on PS+ several months ago.

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