Valve Quietly De-Lists Steam Machines From Steam

Valve's project to rival Microsoft's PC's and Operating System, the Steam Machine, has been removed from the Steam Storefront.

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crazyCoconuts1213d ago

It's too bad they could never made this happen. I would like more choices for "PC" gaming OSs. Hey, conspiracy theory: did they remove this as part of the MS purchase agreement?

FlyingFoxy1212d ago

You can build really small computers with mini ITX boards and tiny cases, the problem is though you are then stuck with using SFX power supplies. You could probably get a moderately powerful gaming PC set up like that though.

Better off going micro ATX if you want portability and powerful hardware without limiting yourself on the type of PSU and cooler you can use etc..

ocelot071211d ago

Though I agree with you about going micro ATX route. I do have to disagree with the moderate powerful gaming PC using itx part though.

You can get itx cases that are smartly designed where you can fit in a large GPU and even a full sized ATX PSU inside.

ocelot071212d ago

"Hey, conspiracy theory: did they remove this as part of the MS purchase agreement?"

Not a chance. Steam Machines came with 2 options for OS. Cheaper models came with SteamOS which was simply Linux. Something anyone can download right now and put it on any PC they want to. http://store.steampowered.c... or pay a bit more and get a Steam Machine with Windows on.

I simply think more people are building there own PC's these days than buying pre-made. Building PC's are simply becoming easier and easier. Plus the Steam machines had little to no upgradeable parts other than the CPU, HDD/SSD, RAM. Compare that to the cyberpower systems that are just a little bit bigger than the OG XB1.

Everything in those Cyberpower Systems are upgradable and even take full length GPU's.

1211d ago
ocelot071211d ago

@Cupofjoe I don't dispute that. But eventually the mining craze will die down. In fact it sort of has GPU prices have come down to the RRP price now (at least in the UK).

Sam Fisher1211d ago

Too expensive for the stuff you couldve already done on pc for cheaper

MegamanXXX1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

My high end PC is way more powerful than this thing and it was cheaper to build too lol

-Foxtrot1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

They honestly should have made an official console instead. Make Steam a big part of it where it's basically like loading up your Steam on the PC and you'd have a winner. The games you can download, cross play where you can download it on your PC and finish it on your console, mods for almost anything without most restrictions, things like Gmod or games like The Sims which play exactly like their PC counterpart and even their exclusives with Half Life, Portal, Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, DoTA and maybe even new IPs like the cancelled Crossing game.

Imagine if they launched their plan when Microsoft took that hit with the official Xbox One reveal...they had a great moment to set things up and wiggle their way in. Not to mention imagine their first party games offering free DLC for everything.

Oh well.

Gwiz1211d ago

I'm not sure what Valve you're talking about " Not to mention imagine their first party games offering free DLC for everything " but that has to be an alternate timeline lol.

-Foxtrot1211d ago

My point is they are the only company that could do that

Steam makes a shit load and games like Portal 2 have featured free content.

Zeref1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It would have made no difference, steamOS machines are for all intents and purposes Valve consoles and they failed. They thought the people who say they are going to drop Windows for Linux were actually serious.

DiRtY1211d ago

You just described the console MS was burned for.

That is the irony. PC is 95% digital only. They call themselves master race, but digital only on consoles is a no-go.

Even though music, movies, TV shows, news, photos and probably every other form of entertainment is basically digital only these days.

FlyingFoxy1212d ago

People who are into PC's like me will likely build their own anyway instead of going for a Steam Machine.

Those who aren't would buy a console i guess.

Jon_Targaryen1211d ago

I think the prices of the systems because most of it was Alienware alienated majority of the customers who are dedicated to other brands. No pun intended.

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Vasto1212d ago

Windows is PC gaming.

They found out the hard way.

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