GameZone: HOYLE Casino Games 2009 Review

GameZone writes: "Many of us have the desire but sometimes we don't have the will - the desire is to hit it big in Vegas at the slot machines or at a game table. Yet the will is weak when it comes time to having the guts to spend big money. I have a rule anytime I go to a casino: Never leave with less money than I walked in with. That usually finds me playing very conservative, usually at games that have an extremely low buy-in. Almost as soon as I get ahead in money I will usually quit, even if that means I'm only up by a few cents.

However, I still have the desire to be a big player one day and probably the only way that will ever happen is with a game. Hoyle Casino Games 2009 is just the game for those would be high rollers like me. You get a huge collection of new and classic casino games to live out your fantasy. The standards such as Poker and Blackjack are included in both table style and video/slot machine style for the purists that love just those two games. The rest of the casino crowd will probably feel right at home with the enormous variety of games included."

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