Nintendo Reached A DLC Tipping Point This Week

It's been a quietly unprecedented week for Nintendo, and one that should change players' expectations for the company's games going forward....

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Nodoze253d ago

It is a troubling trend, and one I fear will be the new norm. Sadly people just keep on buying this stuff. If everyone took a stand and did NOT purchase. This would end.

marloc_x253d ago (Edited 253d ago ) would introducing new content to these games.

Appreciate the free stuff from Nintendo👌

CorndogBurglar253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

The updates aren't just a bunch of BS though.

Pokken Tournament added 4 new characters, which is great considering the game originally came out a long time ago on the WiiU and this ported version came with all the DLC and only cost $40. So I'm just excited they are still supporting it, much less adding new content so long after its initial release.

Fire Emblem has ALWAYS released paid content with their games. This is nothing new at all. Also, its meaningful content.

Xenoblade is an expansion that adds all new quests. This is also nothing new for RPG's and is actually a good thing to keep them fresh.

Mario and Kirby are free updates.

There's nothing wrong with paid DLC when it is meaningful.

The 10th Rider253d ago

I agree with most of your post, but FYI Pokken Tournament was $60 on Switch, not $40, and included fighters from the arcade version, which i don't believe were DLC (they just weren't available on Wii U)