UGO: Call of Duty: World At War Wii Preview

UGO writes: "I can't help but be delighted that FPS developers are finally getting the hang of the Wii's motion controls. Prior to the recent Nintendo Media Summit, there was really only one game that managed to find the sweet spot between head-turning and aiming with the Wiimote, and that was Nintendo's own Metroid Prime 3. Just last week, I wrote about The Conduit, the visually-stunning FPS headed to the Wii next year, that managed to tackle the Wii controls quite well. But I'm more than happy to say that the version of Call of Duty: World at War that's headed to the console also gets things right. But that's not what's most impressive about the upcoming WWII shooter."

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Suga Shane3750d ago

To me it seems that the more devs actually put effort into Wii games we can finally balance between shovelware and casual and "hardcore" games.
"Graphically, World at War seems a little muddier than I’d like it to be. The palette of muted browns and greens makes distinguishing enemy troops from allies a bit of a task." Yeah, I imagine it was difficult for our troops during the real thing.