Gaming Nexus: Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Interview

Gaming Nexus writes: "Q: Can you introduce yourself and describe your role on the project? How long have you been in the gaming industry and what drew you to your current position?

A: My name is Cardell Kerr, and I'm the Creative Director of The Lord of the Rings Online. I've been working in the industry for ~9 years now, exclusively on MMO's. When I started, I was a content/quest implementer for AC1, and over time, I ascended the ranks, Highlander style (there can be only 1!). Anyhow, the best way to explain how I ended up as the Creative Director for this project is by realizing how complex MMO's tend to be. Since I've served in almost every design position at Turbine, I have an insight into the process that allows me to make adjustments that others aren't aware of, in order to ensure the quality of the overall game.

Q: How will the two new character types, the Rune-Keeper and the Warden integrate into the Shadows of Angmar and its epic quest line?

A: Well, the epic quest line has always been independent of the class type played, and the Warden/Rune-keeper aren't an exception. They will be playable from level 1, and they will be exposed to the Epic Story that has come before… though they will have unique class quests, that suit the origins of the class."

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