A little pee came out: Ars reviews the scares of Dead Space

Ars technica writes: "It's hard to evoke emotions in a video game, be they sadness, humor, anger... or fear. For years, we've gone to the same places to get our gaming horror fix, but by now we basically know what to expect from Resident Evil and Silent Hill. That's part of the reason why it has been easy to get excited about Dead Space, the new science-fiction horror game from EA. Yes, it's a new IP. Yes, it's from EA, And yes, it's very, very good."

The good:

* Beautiful graphics, strong engine
* Weapons are original, balanced well
* Survival horror play makes every decision important
* Strong story, voice acting, writing
* Brand new IP, everything feels fresh
* Deep backstory, which you can explore in multiple ways
* Scary!

The bad:

* 12 hour playtime and single-player only may make this a rental for some
* Explaining the stains in your pants

The ugly:

* The masses of gamers who will miss out on an incredible experience because of a DRM-inspired EA boycott

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adalwolfe3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

ea's previous action games have been such a disappointment for me.. army of two, mercenaries 2, MoH, i wasn't even impressed with battlefields bad company.. everyone seems somewhat unfinished.. I can't bring myself to want to buy another, regardless of how great the reviews are... definately won't buy this one.. maybe rent.. for no other reason then to hurt ea financially.. The DRM issue is an extra slap in the face..

lamigol3657d ago

I do agree with people wanting to take a stand against the likes of EA. Not just games companies and publishers but every other company that fails to deliver to a standard the customer merits, however, I havent got the time or patience to wait years for a company to turn things round. At the end of the day, you go to bed !!! No, at the end of the day, youve got to do what you believe in, I personally will buy Dead Space. Ive been impressed by the reviews so far. So what if theyve made some mistakes, does that mean I should miss out on a game millions will enjoy? Some might, I wont. I enjoy playing games first and foremost. If I wanted to get into politics I would have been a politician.

crazy250003657d ago

Im excited for a new IP....I honestly dont like scary games, but will definitely give this one a try.

Kleptic3657d ago

still don't know if I will buy it...but will definitely rent it enough to play through it twice or so...but yeah I agree with the review...a complete lack of online just completely guts replay value for me...

I have been excited for this game though...aside from Siren, the genre has been completely starved of good horror games lately (the last one before that being FEAR arguably, even though that definitely isn't the same type of horror game)...RE4 was great, but was a completely different game than all the other RE's, and wasn't the least bit all...

I can't buy everything though...and there are already like 4 day one purchases for the next few months as is...

robotnik3657d ago

I might buy when they lower drastically the cost. Right now it's not a preference for me.